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Conquering Oslob in One Day

Going south is no longer a problem, you can always go to Cebu South Bus terminal and and take Ceres Bus line on every 30 minutes interval. In our case, since we are about 10, we’ve decided to rent a van instead. It’s comfy and you guys can do any crazy things you want to do inside the van while on the go.

Approaching Oslob

Let’s head on and conquer Oslob! Oslob is 2nd to last town of Cebu southern most which is Santander. (You’ll be familiar with Santander if you go round south to break in your new bike or car).¬† That’s 3 – 4 hours of a travel, whew! That’s far!


Enjoy the scenery along the road. There are many towns you’ll pass by and each have beautiful views and road side scenery. You’ll be passing the “east coast”, so more of sea views all along.

Conquering Oslob in One Day

Conquering Oslob in One Day

Conquering Oslob in One Day

Whale Watching

Our first stop is the Whale shark watching or natively called “Butanding”. Well you can dive in too and swim together with this lovely mammal. Prepare your swimming gear!

me swimming with butanding

friends waiting in banca

butanding smile

fish and corals under

Next stop is Tumalog Falls

It’s not so distant from where “Butanding” watching is, maybe 15min or less. From stop point, you can either take more ride by habal-habal or you just can walk. The road is slope, so watch your back.

slope road going to tumalog falls

first approach

vicinity view

vicinity view

the seawall

The place is relaxing. We went there 2pm and the sun is just slightly up above head and still so hot but the nature view are worth. More about Oslob Heritage Park.

We headed back to the city, there’s still one more stop in mind we would like to visit. The beautiful¬† place in Boljoon.

Boljoon Museum

We don’t know exactly which one was it so we’ve asked somebody along the road. Hurrah! It’s nearby from the side vendor where we ask guidance for. Yes, the place could be easily spotted because you can differentiate the road and the road view it has. It very nature like even it’s a highway.

boljoon landmark

boljoon landmark

boljoon museum

boljoon museum window view

boljoon museum side gate

Last stop before heading back to the city

This was the last stop before heading back to the city. Everyone’s tired and asleep in the van. It’s about 8pm when we’re able to get back into the Cebu City proper.

Opps, one more..

Climb up the Eli Rock in Boljoon.. but that’s for another time around. Please check out our Boljoon related posts.

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