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Road Trips and Adventures Diary of Peps & Coks and Friends Around Cebu

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Let's have a Cebu Tour, shall we?

Here listed all towns and cities of Cebu in alphabetical order. Click the town you are interested for your next trip or vacation. Enjoy!

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Moalboal Cebu Beaches and Destinations

moalboal cebu municipal plaza

Moalboal is another great town in Southern west side of Cebu for tourist. Moalboal is famous for white sand beaches and great places to relax. Moalboal is said to be the center of diving spots in Cebu as it houses […]

Pilar Cebu Beaches and Destinations

pilar municipal hall

Pilar is part of Camotes Island but it is a separate island. Among the five towns, Pilar is separated from the rest. It’s like Olanggo Island (which is behind of Mactan Island). The origin of the name “Pilar” Pilar got […]

Minglanilla is the town right next to Talisay going south from Cebu City. About 15 kilometers away and around 30 minutes ride. Minglanilla have many hidden gems even though just near the city. Perfect for quick get away. The famous […]

Pinamungajan Cebu Beaches and Destinations

pinamungajan cebu plaza

Pinamungahan Cebu is a town opposite to San Fernando in the west. It can be accessed via Toledo City and Aloguinsan. It is about 64 kilometers away from the city and is about 2-hour ride via Naga-Uling road, and 72 […]

Medellin Cebu Beaches and Destinations

medellin cebu fantastic island

Medellin Cebu is second to top most town in Cebu province next to Daan Bantayan. (Note that there is Bantayan Island). It is around 6hrs travel by land and is around 120 kilometers away from Cebu City. Medellin is home […]

ronda cebu

Ronda is next town to Dumanjug if you’re traversing from Cebu City via Carcar Rotunda going to Moalboal. It is on the west and facing the Negros Island. It is 81 kilometers away and about 2 and half hours drive […]

san remigio cebu beaches and destinations

San Remigio is next town to Tabuelan in west side of Northern Cebu. It is around 4hrs travel from Cebu City and is around 110 kilometers by bus. San Remigio is another great destination for tourist due to crystal clear […]

Santa Fe is the town where you disembark after crossing Cebu via Hagnaya to Bantayan Island. To reach Hagnaya, you have to travel north for around 5-6 hours by bus. It is around 100+ kilometers away from Cebu City and […]

Lapu-lapu City is number one in terms of tourist spots, resorts and beaches here in Cebu. The strength perhaps why more and more establishments are crowding up here is because this is where air transport is located. Lapu-lapu is just […]

Naga Cebu Beaches and Destinations

Naga Cebu Beaches and Destinations

Naga which recently becomes a city is few kilometers away from the Cebu City to the south. It is around 30-45 minutes drive through SRP highway. Naga is progressive and in terms of tourism, Naga proper becomes an attraction due […]

San Francisco is one of the towns in the Camotes Island. You will dis-embark in San Franciso port when you go to Camotes. San Francisco as the first town you’ll see in Camotes is a great place for public and […]

Madridejos is the last municipality among the three towns in Bantayan Island. Madridejos is a small and silent town but it has still the remains of the historic walls and tower used to defend Cebu during the invasions in earlier […]

Poro Camotes Cebu is another town in Camotes Island. You can reach there after passing Santiago or from Tudela ports. Poro Camotes have also their own sets beaches and resorts but not as many as in San Francisco. Poro is […]

Malabuyoc is the town opposite to Boljoon on the west side of Cebu. It is 125 kilometers away from the city and is about 4-5 hours long ride. Malabuyoc houses a lot of nice beaches and resorts as well. The […]

Oslob Cebu Beaches and Destinations

oslob cebu beaches and destinations

Oslob Cebu is 2nd town from the southern most part of Cebu right next to Santander on the east. Oslob recently become tourist attraction due to whale shark watching and even swimming with these whales. There are several tourist spots […]

Talisay Cebu Beaches and Destinations

talisay city cebu city hall

Talisay Cebu which is now a city, is the first town going south right next to Cebu City proper, in fact, if you passes through SRP (South Reclamation Project), Talisay New City Hall can be seen along the highway. It […]