Peps & Coks Service Offerings

Aside from blogging and writing articles, Peps and Coks offers the following services listed below. Should you find a need or help on any of these, please feel free to contact us.

1. Blogging Services

Peps is a teachy guy and write codes. One of his favorites is WP and Web developments. Blogging and setting up a site or blog is costly, but not for our services which really aim to help those wanna be bloggers to setup their own and have their dream blog into realization. Check it out!

2. English Online Tutorial

Need an Online English Tutor for your kids?

Coks been a teacher in a reputable school here in Cebu for 5 years in a row and do tutorial to graders after normal class hours. Aside from this, she’s also doing online tutorial to kids.

“It’s been fun and good to help kids/graders conversant in english so I’ve decided to expand the english tutorial online. If your kids need an english tutor, I’m here to guide.”

3. Ad Space in our blog

If you have local business and wants to advertise in cost effective manner than those of traditional advertisements, we offer ad space in our blogs. For inquiries, contact us here.