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Places to Jog within Cebu City

Cebu IT Park

Cebuanos.. Filipinos in general are health conscious, rather, more body figure conscious. (wink) They tend to do work out in gyms, spend time on sports or just simply do outdoor run or jog. Simply going with other joggers is fun.. with music.. with pets..

Here are some of the places just within Cebu City proper were joggers meet fellow joggers. We even able to enjoy the fresh breeze air of these places.

Our Favorite Top 4 Jogging Places

1. Jogging Area near Ayala Mall (nearby QUAD building.. soon more buildings)

Ayala Jogging Area


2. Cebu City Sports Complex (Abellana) – only that you have to pay for entrance here

Cebu City Sports Complex


3. Cebu IT Park in Lahug

Cebu IT Park


4. Plaza Independencia

Plaza Independencia


These are the best places we’ve been able to jog around and highly recommended. Below are also known jogging spots.

5. Fuente Osmena Circle

6. Jones Avenue (from Colon area down to Fuente Osmena to Cebu Provincial Capitol)

7. Marcelo Fernan Bridge

8. SRP – South Reclamation Area

9. Family Park

10. Cebu Business Park Area

Aside from these jogging spots, there are also several others but already far from Cebu City Proper.

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  • Julie says:

    Anhi mi mag jogging sa ko mga fwends sa Abellana. Naa lng entrance pero maoy pinakaduol dri sa Urgello 🙂 🙂

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