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diaryPunong Lake in Samboan Cebu

punong lake samboan

Punong Lake after Town Center

Still a continuation of the first day escapade in Samboan and it’s still early to go back to Villa Isabella, so we stopped by at Punong Lake. From town center, we just ride a tricycle, it is less than 10 minutes to reach here.

Punong Lake View

Punong Lake is tranquil, peaceful and unexplored at the moment (unlike Lake Danao in Camotes Island that is already attracting many visitors) but looks like they’re improving the area to attract visitors and soon get entrance fees. We’ll this will help for local government to earn few income. When you visit, you also help them.

Bamboo pathway shot from the lake.

A few trail from the entrance going to the lake. Floors are made of bamboo’s and the railings as well. Side are surrounded with variety of plants.

Punong Lake in Samboan Cebu

The cottages.

Cottages are made of bamboos as well. There are around 3 bamboo cottages that time and the 4th is on the making. Center of each cottages are bamboo tables. It appears that there will be foods to serve few years soon when this will be fully develop and open to tourists.

Punong Lake in Samboan Cebu

The Lake

Not so big lake, you can see end points of it. There is a raft going to the two points on the other side of the lake from the bamboo cottages.

Then there’s us of course 😉

Bamboo effects is tempting not to get a picture of it.

Previously and what’s next..

Exploring the town center then the most exciting part is chasing waterfalls in Samboan.. coming up next..

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