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Flora’s Special Torta in Catmon

floras special torta

Looking for Torta in Catmon? Flora’s Special Torta is a new contender to find such delicacy recently opened just this year. Special occasions like birthdays, weddings, torta is versatile companion desserts – look no other since it’s now readily available […]

Rose Pharmacy in Sibonga

rose pharmacy sibonga

Finally we don’t have to go to nearby towns to buy few kinds/brands of medicine and vitamins. Rose Pharmacy in Sibonga is now open to serve the public. Yes, few days after their opening we’re able to enjoy buying favorite […]

Feedspot – Bloggers Haven


Bloggers have to network with other bloggers. Some, we network with blog directories. We’ll, we will be careful which directory as backlinks may give your blog a boost or may hurt rankings. One realiable directory is Feedspot. Feedspot is like […]

Glendy’s Grill Filipino Restaurant in Danao

glendy's danao

Glendy’s Grill is a small eatery on the roof of the FMJ Center in Looc Danao. Glendy’s Grill serves delicious food at a reasonable price. It has a hip atmosphere, classic cocktails, and a scenic view in the restaurant. It […]

Jumegas Tambayan Seafood Restaurant in Catmon

jumegas catmon

It’s great to have time to relax, unwind with a native, and a great sea view to eat and chill with your friends.  Rates / Fees: Price for their menu starts at 10 pesos to 180 pesos 🍔 Menu 🍽️Main […]

health screen diagnostic

Health Screen Laboratory and Diagnostic Center is one of the fast growing laboratory and diagnostic center in Cebu City. They started one center in Cordova and expanded to Cebu City particularly in Lahug. Check below details for location and contact. […]


Specialtea has a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. Their foods and Milktea are delicious and affordable price, have a nice ambiance, and cozy place. A perfect place to catch up with friends and gives peace to everyone and has a […]

balwarte carmen

Relaxing, delicious food, and a comfortable place to stay. You don’t have to travel to Baguio to enjoy the benefits of the cold. 💰 Rates / Fees: Price for their menu starts at 15 pesos to 400 pesos up 🍔 […]

Red Spoon in Danao

red spoon danao

The Foods are fresh, new, and also street food specials. An expression that refers to food is “feast”. a new experience I’m on a JOURNEY. Beautiful and delightful things are what we are looking for in life. a culinary world-wide […]

Consuelogan Restaurant in Carmen


Consuelogan is one of the best silogan. They have a great quality of foods and the environment as well as the services. The foods are delicious and a beautiful atmosphere. 💰 Rates / Fees: Price for their menu starts at […]

Subad Comfort Food in Carmen

subad carmen

Subad is a bisaya term which means “eat”. Subad in Carmen serves home made special pizzas many flavors to choose from. Aside from pizza’s they also serve buffalo wings, sisig, batchoy and many more. Cozy atmosphere and foods are very […]

beehive cafe

BEE HIVE is a new brand that offers genuine bubble tea items imported from Taiwan. We have a large selection of tea, coffee, and milk. We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting tastes to introduce to the market. […]

Tarima Café and Resto in Catmon

Tarima cafe and resto

Tarima Café and resto have the most fascinating view from top to downside few meters along the road and across by the sea. It has a wonderful menu and some of them has a definition or meaning. Fresh air and […]

Sebu Cha Milk Tea Station in Catmon

Sebu Cha Catmon

Looking for awesome drinks and delicious to taste? Come and let’s go to Sebu Cha in Catmon. Their drinks can satisfy your wants and can make your tummy full of mesmerizing taste. SEBU CHA “Cebu Tea” is a Cebu City-based […]

SeaSalt Cafe in Catmon

SeaSalt Cafe

Looking for a place where near the beach? SeaSalt Cafe is a suitable place to eat while looking at the sea meets the sky. A windy type, typical calming sounds of waves and the breeze of the air that surrounds […]

happy we cafe catmon

Do you want to be full with full of happiness? Come and join us in Happy We Cafe. It is full of art and wonderful sight to see. A place where you can be calm and wanted to cool down. […]