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diary The Serene Noblesse Resort in Santander


It’s been tiresome day chasing waterfalls in Samboan, it’s now time to relax, somewhere where we could let the time pass by without doing anything or worrying something.. Nearby town to Samboan is Santander, two towns in two days is just amazing part of this adventure. From Samboan, we took a Ceres Bus going to Bato, this is a name of a bus terminal where they stop from a trip from Cebu City. From here, we took another tricycle ride since it’s only few more kilometers to Santander.

So finally, we’ve found ourselves lying on beach bench fronting the ocean in Noblesse Resort in Santander.

Noblesse Resort

Noblesse Resort is one of the beautiful Beaches in Santander. Near to Noblesse Resort is the Bonga Villa Beach Resort, Eden Resort, then the Tropara Resort among few in the vicinity. Upon arrival, we are welcomed with smiling and accommodating receptionist, handed the key’s and guided to our room. As usual, dropping the bags then take a tour around.


Entrance going to the lobby

The Serene Noblesse Resort in Santander


The Lobby


The view around

The Serene Noblesse Resort in Santander


More views from Noblesse Resort

This view is at the back of the resort but facing the sunrise and sunset. Watching the nearby bancas and waterjets carrying passengers roaring to and from the nearby islands.


The Accommodation

We’ve got a big big room and a free breakfast meal for two for just Php2200 a day. Nothing much to do hear, just watching the wave of the ocean, taking a dip in their swimming pool, read a book.. nah.. just really relaxing..

Perfect for divers staycation

We’ll.. we didn’t do diving ourselves this time but there are several group of foreigners staying here for diving adventure. Early in the morning after breakfast they’re readying their suits and gears while the assisting local guides are readying the boat and the diving tanks as well.


Need a booking?

For booking, you can give them a call at +63 32 480 9039 (Cebu, Philippines local number). We’ve got confirmation of our stay right away in that call.

Visit their website:
Facebook Page:


A short rewind of the adventures in Samboan – Santander

Chasing waterfalls in Samboan is really quite an adventure. View our post about Samboan via the menu/town list above.


That’s it for now

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