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diary Tingko Beach Resort in Alcoy


Tingko Beach Resort.. one in the list. It’s holiday so time and schedule permits. Tingko is situated south of Cebu so first thing to do is head on to South Bus Terminal easiest and convenient way of going south via public utilities.

It would take 3 hrs going there and fare is about Php120 each for aircon and would be lesser for non-aircon. You can pass Tingko Beach Resort if you’re going to Oslob for “Butanding” (whale) watching, you can even notice it as it has a long shoreline along the highway.

We’ve reached Tingko Beach at around 6:30 in the morning. Since we don’t booked any hotel or room ahead, first thing we did was ask locals if there are rooms or cottages for rent just nearby.


Shadows of a young morning sun

Taking an early walk not yet to enjoy the rising sun but to find somebody around who can guide us to find a suitable room to keep our bags safe and for a place to stay.

Tingko Beach Resort in Alcoy

Tingko Beach Resort in Alcoy


We’ve found few and the rates are around 1500-2000. I think that too much.. so we’ve circled around to look for another. We’ll there are, but it’s local government owned and caretaker is not yet around during that time. So we wait.. We can’t jump to the waters yet as all bags are packed and nowhere else to put out our things off.



Locals are very helpful, there are rooms and cottages around to choose from and we’re able to get better room for a lesser amount after having few conversation with the owner (woot, how is that? I’m not going to post it here but you can contact us using the contact page and I’ll surely respond to you with details-use pepsncoks as referal and no we don’t get commissions).

Don’t let the waters wait

Finally.. finally.. blue waters are awaiting.. can’t stop but jumping in.

All we want to do

Beachin’ all day.. until sunset..

Tingko Beach is live even at night. With friends and barkada you can actually jam singing with a  guitar but loud like videoke/karaoke is up only until 10:pm. Some are putting up tent, you can bring your own or you can rent. It’s just about 50 to 100.

And then.. here comes the promise of new day.. watching the sunrise and hours of soaking the salty waters of Tingko Beach Resort!

Doodling up..

..and another simple thing you can do on the beach.. doodle up something in the sand.



Alright guys, next post ulit. You might want to be notified whenever we have a latest adventure post, please subscribe by using the form found at the bottom right side.. and yeah, leave comment or send out an email in case you want some tips 😉

5 comments on “Tingko Beach Resort in Alcoy”

  • Jelyn says:

    the sand is nice here

  • Kaye says:

    camping is great here, jamming with friends and tanduay ice, wooohh

  • Dianne says:

    so far it is one of the best beaches in Alcoy and is also cheap, other private resorts are very expensive

  • mary says:

    hi. i am planning of taking my four kids to this place. it’s kinda a whole bday celebration for the 4 of them. can u pls tell me how much did you pay for the room? thanks a lot

  • peps says:

    Hi Mary,
    It’s around 1.5K to 2K (which we think expensive enough given that those are casual small rooms), good for 2-4 pax. I suggest, take Edward’s Place, it’s a house with rooms for rent across. Staying there also entitled you for a free use of the floating little bamboo house (bottom 2nd picture). You might considering putting a tent as well, there are for rent of around 500 or you can also bring your own.

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