Laruy-laruy Sa Sugbo

Road Trips and Adventures Diary of Peps & Coks and Friends Around Cebu

Gotta stop at Cafe Malaya

cafe malaya alcoy

We’re on a short weekend vacation in Dalaguete and we are checking out. Coks is noisy of going to Cafe Malaya since we are already in the vicinity. She aims and excited to have a picture with Malaya! Oh, the […]

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universities in cebu and specialties

Cebu City is one of most progressive and dynamic city in the Philippines especially also in the field of education and academics. Big college and universities are established here since education begun. Cebu universities are attracting students not only from […]

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Top places in Cebu for Beach Lovers

top cebu beaches destinations northern cebu

Cebu is a small island that has many popular tourist attractions. As such, people from all over the world will flock to go here for vacations and holidays.. even us locals! The province is blessed with beautiful white sandy beaches […]

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juans seafood house carcar

Time to reward selves for long work week, whew! We are just supposed to eat somewhere in Sibonga but remembered there is a buffet in Carcar, a neighboring town. We passes by here every time we go hometown in the […]

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lexmin resort event place argao

It was unplanned weekend when we decided to visit Lexmin. Rewind to few months back, we always pass this place with small signboard which says Lexmin Resort and we were wondering what’s inside and if it is a private beach […]

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Ethereum Foodpark in Sibonga

ethereum foodpark sibonga

It’s now trending to have a foodpark in most towns of Cebu and Sibonga got one just recently! Welcome to Ethereum Foodpark! Sounds like a cryptocurrency and their logo looks like a diamond too but it’s a Food park! Shall […]

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