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Ethereum Foodpark in Sibonga

ethereum foodpark sibonga

It’s now trending to have a foodpark in most towns of Cebu and Sibonga got one just recently! Welcome to Ethereum Foodpark! Sounds like a cryptocurrency and their logo looks like a diamond too but it’s a Food park! Shall […]

More Sweetness from SweatCoin

more sweetness from sweat coins

If you have seen our post about SweatCoin health app in 2020 and enroll via our referral link (because it only works by referral atleast during encapsulation period), you should probably have thousands of Sweat Coins right now in your […]

vima shore catmon

Vima was just Vima few years back not until recently, when we headed back north in April we saw Vima has change a lot, now got a big name Vima Shore and has a lot to offer for both locals […]

Our Lady of Divine Grace Simala

Our Lady of Divine Grace

When we talk about church in the south, it mostly refers to the shrine of the Marian Monks in Lindogon or the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist. Did you know that aside from the shrine, there is a small church […]

Carcar Chicharon Stalls are Now Back

carcar chicharon stalls

Carcar was hardly hit by the devastating typhoon Odette. Most of the structures were destroyed including the famous stalls where people stop by and buy the great tasting crunchy Carcar chicharon. Vendors started to move on and restore the stalls. […]

Beneath the Eye of Super Typhoon Odette

Super typhoon Odette was in the news since a week before it strike in Philippines Area of Responsibility (PAR) due to its strong characteristics. We’ve check Earth Null School, indeed it’s strong and becoming stronger as it nears the land […]

Yummy Mango in Sibonga

yummy mango sibonga

We’re talking about mangoes, that was a night before and we remembered we seem to spot a mango picture somewhere near the Sibonga port. Since it is Sunday today, so we’ve decided to grab some. Few minutes later, indeed, we’ve […]

Street side Bistro Argao

It’s holiday off and we have to unwind for awhile. We also have to look for good food. One in mind is unlimited chicken wings in the area. We’ve come across Street Side Bistro! Yes Street Side Bistro by OJ’s […]

Milk Tea House Sebu Cha Sibonga

sebu cha sibonga

It’s already later afternoon and the sky is darker than normal days since it appears to rain in minute or so but it didn’t prevent us from going to the new Sebu Cha house in Sibonga. We always passes here […]

Philippine Provinces and It is Best Known For

philippine provinces best known for

We call in style a place or a country like Philippines for example. Philippines is dub “Pearl of the Orient Seas”, an you probably already know that. 😉 Of course there is history or story behind it. In our own, […]

the edge fil-am fusion

It was rainy Sunday evening and feels like stomach is asking for a different kind of foods, maybe different variants in one setting? Nope, not sure. Anyway, we look for a resto that serves several kinds of foods and of […]

Mai’s Cravings is a hit few days from bringing foods more as “kakanin” to online market. Actually it still never a week since opening and writing of this blog. Mai’s cravings have only one or two “items” available to sell […]

Ma’am Procee’s Torta in Dalaguete

maam procees torta dalaguete

We were heading south on Easter Sunday and we passed by into a road near to Dalaguete proper and we see unusual traffic. We’re curious what’s going on.. alas! It’s Ma’am Procee’s Torta, the pride of Dalaguete! Long line of […]

amazing dalaguete short trip

It’s a long weekend of April, people as always, go out of town to celebrate Easter. This time since the pandemic break out, people are advised to stay home are very eager to finally go outside. It’s Easter Sunday actually […]

Top Cebu Focused Sites and Blogs

top cebu blogs

Cebu is one of the biggest and densely populated province of the Philippines. Many people from across other provinces go to Cebu for many reasons hence Cebu is one of the most where talents are made, from screen actors, sports, […]

DITO 3rd telco philippines

DITO, a 3rd major telco in the Philippines is finally here. DITO starts putting up structures and servers and main cables towards the end of last year and now in May of 2021, they are operational and selected provinces within […]