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diaryVirgin Island in Bantayan Island

Virgin Island is a little island within the vicinity of Bantayan Island located in the northern most part of Cebu. First, you have to reach Bantayan Island from Cebu Northbus Terminal which is approximately 4-5hrs ride. From the port, it […]

diary“Sikat” na Photographer in Bantayan

Photographer in Bantayan

Sikat means well known, and this guy from Bantayan is popular for his nice shoots. If you’re looking for a photographer in Bantayan Island for any occasions like birthdays, prenup, wedding, school events and etc, you can reached him through […]

bantayan island

Daan-Bantayan is the northern most town of Cebu. (Not to confuse with Bantayan Island). It is around 4 hours land trip from Cebu City. Daan-Bantayan is bordered on the north by the Visayan Sea, to the west by Bantayan Island, […]

diaryBantayan Cebu Beaches and Destinations

the ruins bantayan island

Bantayan is a 1st class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 79,084 people. It is located on Bantayan Island, 136 kilometres (about 4 hours travel by road) from Cebu […]

diaryBantayan Town in Bantayan Island

Bantayan Town Plaza

Second Day.. It is worth to go round in this beautiful island, you’ll be missing half of your life (of staying here so not to exaggerate 😉 ) if you go here in Bantayan Island without having a tour of […]

diaryGoing to Cou-Cou Restaurant Sta Fe Bantayan

Going to Cou-Cou Restaurant Sta Fe Bantayan

Since we were staying near the seaside of Sta Fe, we didn’t a second though of going to Cou-Cou restaurant. The wooden bamboos, cool lighting, good people and of coarse the one that satisfied our palate (I’m talking about the […]

kota fort_seaside

Second day. Going round Bantayan Island. We’re staying in Sta Fe, so that’s several kilometers from here. We’ve rented motorbike and do road trippin’. Yeah it’s cool, no traffic, no smoke, no big trucks.. and in some places.. just us […]

Ale Pasta Basta Sta Fe Bantayan Island

We’re staying in Sta. Fe Bantayan for couple of days. It feels different when we are in the island specially when talking about foods. We’ll seafoods is terribly perfect but in a certain point of time it appears that our […]

diaryOgtong Cave Resort in Santa Fe Bantayan

ogtong cave bantayan island

When you happen to visit the remote island of bantayan, you should not miss to visit Ogtong Cave. It’s not the cave we think is for caving adventure, not a kind of forested or jungle with all kinds of trees. […]

diaryBest of Cebu Delicacies and Where to Buy them

cebu delicacies

Some places are most known for their best delicacies.. It’s all over in the Philippines actually like budbod moron you can get from Leyte. This article though is specific delicacies you can get from which town in Cebu. Given there […]

diaryMedellin Cebu Beaches and Destinations

medellin cebu fantastic island

Medellin Cebu is second to top most town in Cebu province next to Daan Bantayan. (Note that there is Bantayan Island). It is around 6hrs travel by land and is around 120 kilometers away from Cebu City. Medellin is home […]

Santa Fe is the town where you disembark after crossing Cebu via Hagnaya to Bantayan Island. To reach Hagnaya, you have to travel north for around 5-6 hours by bus. It is around 100+ kilometers away from Cebu City and […]

diaryCebu City and Cebu Provinces Zip Codes

cebu city and provinces zip codes

Cebu, Philippines is one of the more popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. Having friendly people and many places of interest. Not to miss are the Magellan Cross, Sto. Niño Basilica, the numerous beach resorts ideal for water sports like […]

Madridejos is the last municipality among the three towns in Bantayan Island. Madridejos is a small and silent town but it has still the remains of the historic walls and tower used to defend Cebu during the invasions in earlier […]

diaryPorts all around Cebu and Destinations

ports all around cebu

Philippines is generally an archipelago, so an island needs to connect with nearby island through ports. Cebu as an island in the heart of the Philippines is not an exception, in fact, ports are strategically built around Cebu both in […]

diaryCatmon Cebu Beaches and Destinations

Catmon Cebu Beaches and Destinations

Catmon is midway going to northermost town of Cebu which is Daan Bantayan. Catmon Cebu is around 60 kilometers away from the city and is about 2 hour drive. In recent years, Catmon has more known and explored spots for […]