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A Serene Place in Serendipity Beach

Was wondering the small poster saying new beach house on the road side when you traverse Argao highway. It has a catching blue color building, has a simple look from the outside with a narrow road going inside. The un-utilized fish pond or sort of bofy of water adds interest to the place. So the following day off, we come by and take a look. Viola, matching it’s name “Serendipity” as the place is indeed serene!

The Entrance

You can view Serendipity from the highway and it looks to be a private place. Yes it was, but they decided to share it with public. You see the simple structure of the back of the resort from the highway because it is facing the ocean. But indeed, when you’re inside, it’s where the fun begins.

serendipity resort argao

So, let’s head on inside

From the narrow driveway to the garden, decorated with plant ornaments. When you’re inside, you see the big welcoming lawn and the ocean breeze. The big structure is where one can hold big group activities. On the side is a the little garden with make up little bridge. Kinds of plants and trees can be seen around. If you go further, is the swimming pool. It’s small pool maybe good for 4-6 person so not to be crowded. Another structure near the pool is where the rooms are for overnight stay.

The Mangroves

Mangroves are rich in the area, so as Serendipity has meters of mangroves in the front-down the ocean. Depending on the tides, when it’s low, you can freely go and play in that area plus a stream of water from a little river. It’s fun to see and feel that flowing water running under your feet.

serendipity resort argao

It’s a short day but wonderful

We come later in the afternoon already, like 3pm, so we just did a short tour around the place. We did pool swimming and grab snacks once in while then back to pool again. Later, nearly sunset, we enjoyed and played on the mangroves, pick polished stones and some stuff. We then realize it’s already dark and time to head on back home.

serendipity resort argao

Uh, you can do camping too!

The lawn is big and as we talk with “Ate” the caretaker, many will do camping on weekends. You can bring your tents, outside gears and stay overnight. Don’t get us wrong, this place is lively and fun during weekends and holidays. We choose to drop by during non peak day.

Canoeing on high tide

Of course, high tides makes different kinds of fun. Keep that canoe splashing against the tides! See more fun on their social media page below.

Serendipity Contact Info

Facebook: Serendipity Argao
Number: 0961 731 7033

What else nearby?

There are several beaches nearby, Bulasa Mangroves, Lexmin Resort and Seargao Seaview Cafe. Check more below:

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