Peps and Coks.. from Pepsi and Coke.. Yes, you read it right! That’s our favorite drinks!

The Origin

That’s how this site originated, actually that’s how we call each other too! Once in the bowling center, we were asked what name to enter, the in-charge asked. I said, “peps”, he then entered it into the screen. Then, what about you mam? she answered, “coks”. He supposed to enter durex extra time price aguilas cibae?as jersey wigs for sale best adult store nike jordan 11 cmft nike san diego padres custom jerseys air max 90 sale yeezy azul milan jersey 2022 23 adidas yeezy shoes slide bone 2022 sexy ladies night wear nike san diego padres best adult store it right away but he made a long pause.. “ahhh! okay! Peps & Coks”! 😀

Well.. so much about us.

This blog is generally about travel, road trips and adventures of Peps & Coks and Friends in Cebu and Provinces. It features places for your next stop and little about food trips ;). We are trying to bridge between expectations and reality, so you’ll be seeing the good side and the not so good side.

Enjoy browsing guys, bump you around!

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