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Adventures in Lake Danao Camotes

Lake Danao is the first big visible spot when you zoom in the google map so it’s easy to locate. It is located in the northern part of Camotes Island. Being excited, even having little time on the first day, we came here. Thinking it is just the beautiful views ..and the scenes.. and the lake.. but an addition to excitement are the water rides, it really calls for an adventure.  Really want to have the pedal boat ride, but since it’s dark, we have to comeback next day. I’m really interested going to the “other side” of the lake.

Signature picture of Danao Lake

This T shape platform is the landmark of Lake Danao. When somebody sees it, they can easily recognize that it is Lake Danao, even if they’re not being here yet for first time.

Adventures in Lake Danao Camotes
Zooming out the place a bit, under the shades of afternoon trees.

Adventures in Lake Danao Camotes
View from the lake

One cool afternoon

An afternoon view in Lake Danao is perfect, they say (much more in the morning when sun is about to rise). Cooling down with sunset is awesome.. but I really want that ride! (Still haven’t got my ride 🙂 )

Where to eat

There’s an eatery within Lake Danao compound. No need to worry where to go for dinner. There’s food stores inside than outside. At around 80-200, your tummy will be happy already.



Rides! rides!

It is just few bucks for the rides. For 30minutes you can enjoy the ride already. It can take you to the other side of the Lake.



Pedal boat ride

This pics is taken on the next day. We taught we could go here earlier but alas! it was late than the first day. Anyway, this is it, enjoying the pedal boat ride. Watching the tranquil waters of the lake looking up the dusky sky and other riders.

Quite an adventure in Lake Danao. That’s it for now.. stay tuned for more Camotes Adventure. 🙂 🙂

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