blogging services philippines

Do you want to have a blog or a website but don’t know how to start?

It just started with personal blogging intended for fun and hobby during winter of 2017. Don’t know anything about blogging that time but just making a start. I’ve just even have our first article in – free by Google. But then.. looking on some blogs commilan jersey 2022 23 cheap jordans cruz azul jersey 2023 yeezy sale cheap football jerseys shirt cristiano ronaldo nike jordan proto max cheap jordans cheap football jerseys nike jordan proto max cheap yeezys air max goaterra 2.0 durex extra time price nike san diego padres cheap football jerseys pared to ours, it is missing a lot of features. Then one article says to use, it have better features. We give it a shot and move our articles into it.. manually (since we don’t know there is automatic way of doing it)! That’s not enough still, have something unique to put in!

Two way street

Starting a blog is a two way street. You have to have good articles and you have to have a bit knowledge of setting up a blog. First one, needs research if you want to have a good traffic and second one needs technical know how. It also depends if you want the free platforms or want to spend few bucks for your blog. I would say, if you own your domain and hosting, you have more control on what to put in your blog, how you want your blog presented in the world wide web. You might choose the latter if you plan to monetize your blog.

We’ll you have to turn the key on to get started

You can research on the web so you would not have the pitfalls like we had when starting a blog or you can check out below services – it’s totally free!

– Advice on determining a blogging niche suitable for your style
– Finding a good blog name for your selected niche
– Help you with hosting selection
– Facilitate custom domain name registration for you
– Setting up WordPress and orient how to navigate (to fast track)

No gimmicks, no tricks

Pay me a minimal amount only when you want me to customize the design of your blog or website! That’s it.

Also, check out more web services I offered here in Webbly Frog.