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Alternate “Bus Terminal” for South Bound

Most of times CSBT or Cebu South Bus Terminal is full so commuters have no choice but to line up, most often long lines specially on weekends and longer lines on special occasions and holidays like All Saints Day and All Souls Day in November, Holy Thursday and Friday in April/May, Christmas in December, New Year in January and etc.

Alternative Terminal

Aside from buses and mini buses in Cebu South Bus Terminal, there are also v-hire or VAN for hire terminal. Their location change from time to time, last time, they were in the CitiLink, that’s few meters away from CSBT. Now, their location is better, near downtown area, it is actually in Junquera Street, just the street beside University of San Carlos and corner Sanciangko Street, near the back gate of University of the Visayas. See the map below indicate with “South GT Express Terminal”.

alternate bus terminal for south bound

Southward Bound Only

These V-Hires are going to south west and south east of Cebu only. The farther the town is like Santander, the fewer the trips but for nearby towns like Car-Car, they have multiple trips in day.

alternate bus terminal for south bound

V-hire capacity

This V-hires can accommodate around 14 passengers including the driver. They won’t leave the terminal until the van is full. If there are fewer passengers, they’ll wait until more passengers come.


Fare vary depending your place of destination. Also, if you’re only nearby but the destination of the v-hire say Car-Car and you will drop-off only in San Fernando, you have to pay the fare equivalent to Car-Car Trip.

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