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An escapade to Samboan-Exploring Town Center

A hectic schedule in December after several christmas parties, work, party again and more gigs.. we tried to escape from the city.. this time.. an escapade to Samboan trying to chase waterfalls basically in mind. Samboan is second southern most town in Cebu next to Santander. We went westward through Barili by a Ceres Bus Line ride and plan to round south and go back to the city via Oslob.  The clock strikes 7am when we reach Samboan, it is about a 4hr ride!

Looking for Villa Isabella Beach Resort

This small Villa fronting the sea is a bit hidden and known. We dis-embarked in different location 5km away from this Resort. So when you plan to stay here just say to bus conduction to drop you in Puno Lake. We would say this is the best landmark. Punong is a small sitio in Samboan before the town proper.


Goofing around the Town Center

We’ve plan to chase waterfalls on the 2nd day. Nothing to do on the first day and felt so lazy so just soak into the salty water in front of the beach and in the afternoon goofing around the town center. There are good spots though you can visit and all is situated in one place, so it’s good as you don’t need a transportation to hop into places.

Siempre Samboan

When you see this, it means you’re in town proper

An escapade to Samboan-Exploring Town Center


Jacob’s Ladder

Beautiful view overlooking the sea in Samboan


Samboan Grotto


The Church


The Chapel


Samboan Museum

Small museum with just few display

sanboan museum

sanboan museum


Letting the time pass by, we’re then lazily sitting on the benches blending with the locals. Breathing fresh air while looking the scenery around plus the overlooking sea the Tanon Straight separating the island of Cebu and Negros.


Now looking for food

It’s not hard to find something to eat here in Samboan. There’s a bakery and eatery as well. For the meantime.. grabbing a cold mountain dew..  Afterwards we look for a store where we can buy some items we’re needing for the next days like big bottle of water and biscuits, luckily find what we need.


Punong Lake

Heading back to Villa Isabella where we stayed, remember it’s in sitio Punong, it’s where Punong Lake is, so we stopped over. At this time of blog, they’re developing an entrance, we think, next time, there would be an entrance fee. (This will be very minimal though like the fees to the waterfalls, just few bucks to help out the local government to augment the income.) It is barricaded with with used bamboo’s and woods but we ask one of the people if we can pass for now and see the lake. They’re friendly and allowed us to pass through.

Here’s the beautiful pathway to the lake.

samboan punong lake

More about Punong Lake.


It’s getting dark

Watching the sun as it sets and listening to the waves splashing the sea walls.



An escapade to Samboan – Chasing Waterfalls

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