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Alysson is an aspiring student. While studying, she already wrote articles in blogs like Laruy-laruy sa Sugbo ( Taking up BSIT, writing articles makes me also learn the nitty gritty of Wordpress World and coding behind it.

Posts by Alysson:

    Cooked and Fresh Seafoods by BUzog’s Seafoods in Catmon

    Craving for sea foods? BUzog’s Seafoods in Catmon is the answer. They serve cooked and ready to eat ala carte or bundled in a basket. Lot’s of seafoods and menu to avail from ranging from fish, shrimp, squids, crabs and […]

    The Rooftop- food and drinks

    Delicious food, friendly staff, and a fantastic atmosphere. Come visit The Rooftop Food and Drinks for delicious burgers at an affordable price. Looking for some delectable burgers to eat? Come and dine on The Rooftop, where you can eat whatever […]

    Jumegas Tambayan Seafood Restaurant in Catmon

    It’s great to have time to relax, unwind with a native, and a great sea view to eat and chill with your friends.  Rates / Fees: Price for their menu starts at 10 pesos to 180 pesos 🍔 Menu 🍽️Main […]

    Happy We Cafe Smoothie and Juice Bar in Catmon

    Do you want to be full with full of happiness? Come and join us in Happy We Cafe. It is full of art and wonderful sight to see. A place where you can be calm and wanted to cool down. […]

    What the Fat Resto in Catmon

    If you’re looking for a restaurant to dine, chill and jam come and let’s go to What the Fat and have some fun. They also have karaoke’s at night and live for the musician band. It is a comfortable and […]

    Juan’s Eat and Grill All You Can

    Eat as much as you can and cook as much as you can. I absolutely recommend this place since the food is so reasonable but of such high quality. There is so much fresh fish, excellent meals, and a really […]

    Sebu Cha Milk Tea Station in Catmon

    Looking for awesome drinks and delicious to taste? Come and let’s go to Sebu Cha in Catmon. Their drinks can satisfy your wants and can make your tummy full of mesmerizing taste. SEBU CHA “Cebu Tea” is a Cebu City-based […]

    Specialtea Tea Room in Carmen

    Specialtea has a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. Their foods and Milktea are delicious and affordable price, have a nice ambiance, and cozy place. A perfect place to catch up with friends and gives peace to everyone and has a […]

    Red Spoon in Danao

    The Foods are fresh, new, and also street food specials. An expression that refers to food is “feast”. a new experience I’m on a JOURNEY. Beautiful and delightful things are what we are looking for in life. a culinary world-wide […]

    Tarima Café and Resto in Catmon

    Tarima Café and resto have the most fascinating view from top to downside few meters along the road and across by the sea. It has a wonderful menu and some of them has a definition or meaning. Fresh air and […]

    DITO – 3rd Major Telco in the Philippines

    DITO, a 3rd major telco in the Philippines is finally here. DITO starts putting up structures and servers and main cables towards the end of last year and now in May of 2021, they are operational and selected provinces within […]