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About: Coks

Mae aka Coks, is an english teacher in one of prestigious schools in Cebu. Sidekick of Peps when travelling around Cebu. Our blog features all about the Queen of the South - Cebu!

Posts by Coks:

    Frozen, yes the cool snackbar in town

    Inspired by the movie, Frozen! Yeah, this “Frozen” snack bar is now in Cebu. It is located in Century Plaza Hotel, Juana Osmena St, Cebu City. If you’re familiar with mango avenue, then you know the place. It you’re a […]

    Dairy Box opens in Ibarra

    Dairy Box is a small store front by Lamac Cooperative products fresh harvest from their owned farm. They open a store where they can sell vegetables and several dairy goodies. In Dairy Box store end, you can get variety of […]

    KOA Tree House – Eat all you can crabs and shrimps

    It was weekend and we were trying to find a good and affordable place for unlimited crabs and shrimps which should just be within the city. We’ve seen KOA Tree House and it is worth a try. Located beside the busy […]

    Awesome Sumilon Island in Southern Cebu

    When Coks and I were talking about next spot to visit, thinking of Sumilon Island in the South makes us excited. I was there sometime ago with other friends but still thinking of going back there still have the rush […]