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Awesome Sumilon Island in Southern Cebu

When Coks and I were talking about next spot to visit, thinking of Sumilon Island in the South makes us excited. I was there sometime ago with other friends but still thinking of going back there still have the rush of excitement. Sumilon Island is really an amazing place. Also going here is pretty accessible. Please see our guide on going around Cebu.

On the day, we leave from the City early as 4:00 am, it’s is about 3hr-ride. So when you arrive in Oslob, main land in Cebu part, you can still catch the beautiful sunrise.

The Arrival

When you dis-embarked from the ride you are then welcomed by the curve slope going down overlooking the ocean. If you bring a car, you can go down and parked as well in designated area.

The Waiting “Lounge”

While waiting for the boat that take you across to Sumilon Island, you can already enjoy the landscape of the waiting area. It’s really beautiful here fronting the sea. You can’t help but take a lot of selfie 🙂 🙂

Welcome to Sumilon Island!

Depending on the tide if it is high or low, you can see the white sandbar, step into it, have a great walk, feel the sand.. If it is high tide, you won’t be able to see the  sandbar but don’t worry, you can go back here anytime when the tide get’s low.

A small service electric car will take you to the reception area. Do the registration, chat the receptionist a little and settle down your things.

Since it’s early, there were few people yet.. so we own the place. We take this hut by the lagoon.

Canoe-ing at the Lagoon

Warm that muscles up in the lagoon..


It will take about an hour to round the entire island. Grab some stick, go around, it is really worth it. That colored hut down there is where we stayed.

The Parola

If you’re not afraid of heights, climb to the top! You will see the view 360 degrees of the Sumilon Island. (We have a video during the climb and 360 round at the top)


The Infinity Pool

Afterwards, either soak yourself in the infinity pool or into the sea or into white sand part in front (when the tide is high).


More of Sumilon Adventure from Wander Thirsty

You may want to check out this vid from Wander Thirsty. Enjoy viewing the clip. 🙂

Waiting for boat going back

We suggest take the last boat or 2nd to the last boat going back to the main land (if day use only) so you can still enjoy exploring the facilities. Landscape is really superb! We don’t want to spoil you with lots of pics, just see it for yourself 🙂


It’s getting dark and the sunset is awesome!

Sunrise to sunset, bye for now Sumilon! It’s tiresome but definitely awesome. We’ll surely coming back! 🙂




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