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diary Baluarte de Argao Beach Resort

baluarte de argao beach resort

Who would have thought there is a nice beach resort behind the Argao Church or Argao Plaza? Yes, Baluarte de Argao is a very nice place once you get inside. The front is really simple without any eye candies that catches attention of the passersby. We tried to see if someone outside we could ask. We were scouting for a place were we could hold the birthday of Sparkle. At the front, we have seen the small signage. We tried to enter in and to our surprise the landscape inside is superb.

The Entrance

Entrance is quite simple even the little office where the person in-charge sit. Little chit-chat goes and were excited to roam around. The view of the inside is visible from where we situated so can’t hold the excitement anymore, let’s head in.

baluarte de argao beach resort

Baluarte de Argao

The Baluarte structure is on the other end of the entrance. Going there is a center isle with nicely trimmed green grass. Beside it were the rooms where guest stay. On the right side is where the ocean front. Along the path you can see elegant decorations. At the back of the guest rooms is where the generic wash rooms and a little kitchen. Feels like home, dah!

Rates and Features

❀ ₱ 1, 700/night (good for 2 persons)
‣‣‣ ₱ 250/extra person
❀ ₱ 300/hour — Jacuzzi with bubble bath
❀ ₱ 3,500 (good for 4 persons) Family room
❀ ₱ 100/head Day-use (w/ cottage, no corkage fee)
‣‣‣ ADD ₱ 50/head if you’re planning to swim at the beach!

More information in their website indicated below.

Their location

Baluarte de Argao Beach Resort is located at the back of the Argao Church, near the Town Plaza as well as the government office.

Contact and Social Media Pages

Contact: (032) 367 7184

What else nearby?

St Michael Church is a must visit place since it is just nearby. Most part of the church still from Spanish time. Once you check out, you don’t want to miss out pasalubong. Argao is famous for Torta, check out our blog where you can buy delicious Torta. 

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