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diary Bantayan Town in Bantayan Island

Bantayan Town Plaza

Second Day..

It is worth to go round in this beautiful island, you’ll be missing half of your life (of staying here so not to exaggerate 😉 ) if you go here in Bantayan Island without having a tour of the three towns. Motorbike is just enough to take you 15 kilometers, besides there’s very few trucks here, no super speeding cars. So just ride a motorbike, take a stop, take a pause, take a picture of the view, take a selfie of course.

Bantayan welcome banner

The Municipalities

There are 3 municipalities in Bantayan Island, Madridejos, Bantayan and Sta. Fe. Not so big Island. We’re here in the 2nd Municipality. It doesn’t look like an old place anymore, more of modern time but not line the urban place I mean. Along the road, you can see the plaza. Let’s head on and familiarize the place.

Church with granite walls

The church is one that captures our attention. This church is one of the older churches in the Philippines. The walls were built with components of bricks, small shells, eggs as adhesive, and glittering substance made from granite.

There were store beside the church, we refreshed ourselves with beverage and juice and few breads (pandesal).

It was still half of the day like around 1pm, we had plenty of time to go around. We looked for the “Bantayan” tower however locals pointed us to the tower beside the church, the bell tower!! Hmm.. not quite what we are expecting.. it was renovated..

Journey goes on.. heading back to Sta. Fe..


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