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diary Batong Malunhaw Beach Resort in Alegria

batong manlunhaw beach resort

Batong Malunhaw Beach Resort is developed by Municipality of Alegria local government. It is located in Sangi, Alegria Cebu. The place can be easily spotted, just few minutes walk from the highway where you want to dropped off if you ride a Ceres Bus from the city proper. The place is not yet that well known.. but this is good place if you want to be alone with nature.. not crowded!

Road side view at dusk

It was dusk but still we’re bit far from Alegria, it is indeed a long ride. Maybe if it’s daytime, the scenery along the road is different, this one is cool one and it pays off the long bus ride.

Lighted church at night

When we get off the bus, we just walk few minutes and along the way, we spotted this beautifully lighted church. So we decided to get there and take some pictures, anyway, the place where we are about to stay can be already seen.

Batong Malunhaw Beach Resort in Alegria

Batong Malunhaw Beach Resort in Alegria

Reaching Batong Malunhaw

Finally, we reached Batong Malunhaw Beach Resort!! It’s already late in the evening, nothing else to do but sleep. The homes nearby is in deafening silence.. sleep.. sleep and excited for the new day!

Here we go.. roaming here and there.. just excited to see the place..

Coffee in the morning..

And well of course.. morning isn’t complete without coffee. (Talking about coffee.. please visit our other blog kapehan sa buntag) lolz! By the way.. no foods here but you can bring your own. There’s a resort nearby where you can get food. It’s private resort so price is bit high. You can go around and look for carenderia but I’ll tell you.. there’s very few.

Batong Malunhaw Beach Resort in Alegria


PhP 800.00 – Standard Room good for two (2) persons
PhP 1500.00 – Family Room good for 4 persons
PhP 1800.00 – Family Room (Duplex) good for 4 persons


(+63) 905 902 4632

What else to do?

  • Go to Kawasan Falls, just 15minutes ride by minicabs
  • Visiting Alegria Heritage Park
  • Snorkeling, there you can see the landmark of the place, you can see the big rock under.. a living rock (where the name of the place is taken from)


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