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It was unplanned weekend when we decided to visit Lexmin. Rewind to few months back, we always pass this place with small signboard which says Lexmin Resort and we were wondering what’s inside and if it is a private beach house. At the road side, there’s nothing much you can see. Back to current time, it’s late afternoon 4’oclock past and we try go here. Alas! it’s another paradise. Landscaped around the famous mangroves locally called “pagatpat” rich in the area. So let’s head in.

Lexmin Entrance

There’s space inside for parking. Can accommodate 10 medium size cars and pickups. You can see immediately the calling seascape and when it is clear sky, you can easily see the nearby island Bohol. There, you will have a warm welcome from the front desk personnel. Front office is stylish as above it, is the watch/guard tower.

Amazing Landscape

Pass that little bridge. During hide tide, sea water come beneath the front office and the bridge beside where you can then see fully the beautiful landscape inside. See the infinity pool, at the opposite side is the cafe, the cottage where events are hosted and big place in the middle. Fronting the sea are the small cottages. There’s far more than eyes can see in this place, leaving the rest when you visit. 😉

Mangrove and the bridge

Style mangroves and bridge going to swimming bay. It’s like “Camp Sawi” and the “Camp Wagi” in Bantayan. We have also like that right here in Argao. There are swinging seats under or beside the bridge. At the end point, is where a big cottage where you can take a dip in salty waters.

The Lex Cuisine

You can’t go hungry in Lexmin. They have their own cafe called Lex Cuisine. They serve several foods and drinks. You can have bulalo, crispy pata, burgers, steaks, fries, smoothies, teas, coffees and more. It’s a relaxing “dining” with jazz beats fronting the infinity pool and the ocean.

Great place

If we have to rate this place, it would be 10/10. The facility is not what you see in city settings but Lexmin is great with modern touch at some area in the facility. Explore with us near Bulasa, Argao.

What else nearby?

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