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Best of Cebu Delicacies and Where to Buy them

Some places are most known for their best delicacies.. It’s all over in the Philippines actually like budbod moron you can get from Leyte. This article though is specific delicacies you can get from which town in Cebu. Given there are other towns or places selling same product, below are best known town where you can get best variant of it.


Bibingka is made of rice, sugar, flour, butter and coconut milk with a spreading of margarine or butter, topped with grated coconut and sprinkled sugar, and bottomed with a wrap made of heated young banana leaves.

You can get in Catmon. See our article Bingkahan sa Catmon. Mandaue also is known for bibingka.

bibingka delicacies catmon


Rosquillos is a circular-shaped cookie with a shaped hole at the center. It’s thin, crunchy and fun to eat.

You can get it in Liloan. We’ll it’s a home of Titay’s, maker of Rosquillos since 1907. Though their products are now available in supermarkets nationwide. Check out our blog post in Titay’s. Aside from Titay, there are great Rosquillos as well from Shamrock and Conching to name few.

rosquillos delicacies liloan


Torta is a cupcake-like pastry made of flour poured with tuba-local name for fermented coconut wine, mixed with salt and sometimes flavored with anise and is cooked on a clay furnace. That’s classic flavor. Time goes and great tasting variants arise like cheesy, ube and more.

You can get best Torta in Argao. You may want to try Lola D’s Torta de Argao. See this list for more Torta makers in Argao.

torta delicacies argao


Chicharon is made of pork rind or pork skin deep fried in oil and then dried, oil-drained, cooled and reheated and comes the natural, hot or salty flavors.

You can get the best chicharon in Carcar, famous one is MatMat but there are dozens of makers as well. You can get it cheap when in Carcar than in supermarkets. Also, one from Carcar are kinda fresh though Chicharon is good to last for a week or so.

chicharon delicacies carcar


Masareals are rectangular shaped bars of mixed ground peanuts and sugar, packed in white paper. The packing of paper is then secured with a string.

Masareal is originated in Mandaue from original brand “Didangs”. Nowadays, you could get it easily from supermarkets.

masareal delicacies mandaue


Is a Filipino version of rice crispies. Ampao is cooked rice dried out in the sun to become crispy. It is added with a piece of peanut to bring out the natural ampao flavor.

You can get best Ampao in Carcar.

ampao delicacies carcar

Budbod Kabog

Budbod Kabog is a native rice cake with distinct texture and flavor wrapped with banana leaves. It is made from pounded “kabog” – a millet variety in the Philippines that grows abundantly in uptowns of Catmon, Cebu.

Obviously, you can get it in Catmon. See our article about Budbod Kabog in Catmon.

budbod kabog delicacies-catmon


Dried fish is one of favorite appetite boosters for Filipinos and “Danggit” as locally called kind of fish is best for this category. Thin and good to bite even good without rice.

You can get Danggit fresh from Daanbantaan and also in Taboan Fish Market in Cebu City. Since it is already dried and preserve, it is also available online.

danggit delicacies daan bantayan

Pintos (Sweet Corn Tamales)

Pintos is like a rice cake made from ground corn where milk and margarine or butter were added and wrapped with corn husk then steamed. There are special pintos in which a cheese or coconut strips were added.

You can get Pintos in Bogo.

pintos delicacies bogo


Lechon is simply a rosted pig but with many great tasting varients. Cebu is known for best lechon, even in other countries. But did you know where in Cebu famous for their lechon?

You can get the best tasting lechon in Carcar!

lechon delicacies carcar


More delicacies from Cebu not specifically associated from which Towns

Here are more delicacies good for your “pasalubong” when you return from your visit in Cebu which is readily available in pasalubong centers, store branches and even in supermarkets.


Otap is an oval crispy pastry made of eggs, sugar, flour, shortening and margarine. There are now different flavors to choose from as well.

You can get it from supermarkets which famous brands are Shamrock, Titay and Conching.

Chorizo de Cebu

Chorizo a native name for Filipino sausage or longganisa. Unlike longganisa, chorizo is sweet and spicy, and contains more meat. It is processed with a curing mix of salt, phosphate and chilled water and is being grilled on skewers and served on a stick with rice.

While Chorizo de Cebu is available in leading meat shops, you can get the best Chorizo de Cebu in Guadalupe in Cebu City.

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