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Have anything to write? Be our guest blogger!

Do you have something to write about Cebu and of course that includes Cebu Towns and Provinces which talks primarily about places, foods and people? Yes, guest blogger are welcome!

Perks of blogging with us:

  1. You’ll develop your writing skills.
  2. Interact with other bloggers.
  3. You can put your own inline ads to your blog page.
  4. Author section is provided and could be linked to your Facebook profile, Linkedin profile or anything valid url. Maka-proud! 🙂

Simple guide:

  1. Write-ups would be anything about Cebu.
  2. Original and not copy-pasted. Write it your own style!
  3. Minimum of 500 words.
  4. Send atleast one picture for the cover.

Few tips what to write:

  1. Top list (eg. Top cheap beaches in Lapu-lapu, 5 Places to visit in )
  2. Specific place kind of review (eg. Sunrise in Naga Boardwalk)
  3. Specific food stall/avenue (eg. Frozen resto bar in town)
  4. Share your travel tips (eg. Backpacking round south)
  5. Everything else under the naked sun

Got what it takes?

Send your blogs entries to or you can use the form below. Start your blogging adventure with us! 🙂 🙂

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