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Bodo’s Bamboo Bar Resort Cebu

Who would expect that in the “middle” of a national highway lies a mountain resort? Yes, almost litterally middle of the highway, you don’t have to go miles further into a smaller streets and rough roads. BBB or Bodo’s Bamboo Bar Resort also dubbed as Bodo’s Parrot Paradise Resort is just beside the national road in Alcoy. When in the vicinity, you will climb a very short step drive going up or you can ride a public bus like Ceres Bus Lines and disembarked exactly in front of BBB and hike a little going up.

Bodo’s Place

First thing first is to approach the receptionist. Make arrangement for your stay and a little conversation. We didn’t even put our bags yet to the designated room as we immediately roam around Bodo’s. Woohh, there are big husky dogs at the back fast running towards us and barking, good thing there is a fence!

Wide playground

There is a green grass ground in the middle of Bodo’s where you can sit and play just like elementary days. Fronting each room are the bamboo kiosks.

Swimming Pool

A jacuzzi and not so big swimming pool but good enough for everyone even if fully booked.

Overlooking the ocean and facing the sunrise

Near the pool is the view fronting the ocean, it is facing towards the sun when it rises. If you look downwards, you can see the national road and you can even see buses passes along every now and then.

Mini Restaurant

Serving wide variety of choices from local, to Asian to international cuisines. By the way, most of visitors that time were Japanese family and couples, so we understand why the varieties in the menus. 🙂

The Rooms

The rooms were pretty big with complete set of appliances, hot pots, personal refrigerators, hot and cold shower and well maintained air conditioners.

Room Rates

We’ll, given the room comfort and the place itself, the rate is way fair enough. Depending on the timing and season, it starts at Php 2K.

Peps & Coks Morning Fun

Morning is so tempting to stay in bed. Why not go out and have fun under the early morning sun? 🙂

Contacting Bodo’s

You can visit their website here. All the information you need to know are there and few more amenities that we have not highlighted.  They will host fun events, weddings  and more.

For quicker one, we’ve grabbed their phone number for you:

Tel: +63 (0)32 483 9119
Mobile: +63 (0) 923 448 48 77

They have facebook page here as well.

What else to do in Alcoy

Bodo’s have swimming pool, but if you like a beach, Tingko Beach Resort is just few kilometers away.

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