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diary Bojo River in Aloguinsan

bojo river aloguinsan cebu

It’s our 2nd day in Aloguinsan, and it’s time to head on to Bojo River, yey!

Bojo River is just near to town proper, so getting here is pretty quick and easy. Though it’s “tuyuon na lugar” but it is easy to spot, a big sign saying, “Bojo River and Nature Reserve”.

The signage

We liked the originality and materials used around Aloguinsan tourist signages. Like this one, cut from big trunks, carved texts and covered with coconut/nipa strips on the top.

Bojo River in Aloguinsan

A trail

Ten minute walk trail from the signage.

bojo river cruising

Approaching Bojo River

Well.. this is the base of Bojo River. While you trail, you can already see waters coming up beneath the surface, under the plants and from the roots of the mangroves.

bojo river cruising

Then the cottages

This is where you rest. Entrance fees are collected here as you arrive.

bojo river cruising


Short review of biology class

You just can’t go cruisin’ just yet because there will be an orientation. It is about about 30-minute story of the origin of the Bojo River, about the mangroves, interesting bubbles as mangroves breath in and out, kind of species found and living around, some swimming rules, spots for dive and all..

bojo river cruising

Ready to cruise

After putting safety gears on, walk down to ready made bamboo raft and embarked to a small boat. There are bigger boats for bigger crowd. Now ready to cruise!

Gates to the Open Seas

For around 15 minutes, we’ve reached the gates of the river, wondering out into the open seas. So beautiful and tranquil out here.

The Open Seas

There are folks trying to catch fish but out of a home made fishing rods. They’re not allowed to catch fish using nets as it will catch including small and young fishes.


The Corals Beneath

There are corals down under. Home of finding Nemo.. 🙂 Strictly no fish here I mean strictly no fishing here, haha!

We’ll to be fair, we’ve seen few at some parts and even a school of fish called sardines moving around near our boat.

Time to go back

It is much slower when we go back than going out here. We have stopped a lot. Dis-embarked from the boat and swim towards the inner but shallow part of the river.

Untold stories of Bojo River

And oh by the way.. talk to your guide, he have packs of stories brought with him. I mean stories.. not the same as the one you’ve heard during orientation.. but Legends..

What else?

There are several good spots in Aloguinsan. You can see those in our Day 1 and Day 2 posts mesmerized by the place called Aloguinsan. Really nice, quite and simple place mid west of Cebu. Subscribe to our simple blog at the sidebar to get notified of our newest adventure freshly delivered to your inbox.


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