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diary Carcar Chicharon Stalls are Now Back

carcar chicharon stalls

Carcar was hardly hit by the devastating typhoon Odette. Most of the structures were destroyed including the famous stalls where people stop by and buy the great tasting crunchy Carcar chicharon. Vendors started to move on and restore the stalls. It is good to see the back atleast middle of February. It is main source of livelihood some of the locals here.


These stalls are located after the Carcar rotunda along Batalio Bacalso National Highway if you are from the city. You can see the stalls lined up on the left. The stalls are quite expanding to the access road to the city (near crossing). This place is progressive as more vendors of different food varieties are sold here.

Famous Names

Here are the famous chicharon vendor names in Carcar. Famous in sense that their names are known in other regions of course for their good products (and active marketing). This though doesn’t mean that not mentioned vendors are inferior. We have tasted few more from different vendors and it’s good depending on one’s preference.

Matmat Chicharon

Flor & Tazar Special Chicharon

Maricel & Tony Special Chicharon

Jona & Renie Special Chicharon

Juan Special Chicharon

Road Widening Ongoing

The damaged road though is not caused by the typhoon, it is the road widening project of the government which is still on going as of writing.


What else nearby

Check out also our post on Best Delicacies in Cebu. Carcar is famous not only for chicharon but also the best lechon! 🙂

Carcar Chicharon Stalls are Now Back

Rose Pharmacy in Sibonga



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