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Our Lady of Divine Grace Simala

Our Lady of Divine Grace

When we talk about church in the south, it mostly refers to the shrine of the Marian Monks in Lindogon or the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist. Did you know that aside from the shrine, there is a small church […]

Yummy Mango in Sibonga

yummy mango sibonga

We’re talking about mangoes, that was a night before and we remembered we seem to spot a mango picture somewhere near the Sibonga port. Since it is Sunday today, so we’ve decided to grab some. Few minutes later, indeed, we’ve […]

Milk Tea House Sebu Cha Sibonga

sebu cha sibonga

It’s already later afternoon and the sky is darker than normal days since it appears to rain in minute or so but it didn’t prevent us from going to the new Sebu Cha house in Sibonga. We always passes here […]

the edge fil-am fusion

It was rainy Sunday evening and feels like stomach is asking for a different kind of foods, maybe different variants in one setting? Nope, not sure. Anyway, we look for a resto that serves several kinds of foods and of […]

Mai’s Cravings is a hit few days from bringing foods more as “kakanin” to online market. Actually it still never a week since opening and writing of this blog. Mai’s cravings have only one or two “items” available to sell […]

Letting the time pass by at Sibonga Plaza

sibonga plaza

If you are visiting Mama Mary’s Shrine in Simala, then you may consider letting the time pass by here in Sibonga Plaza before heading back to the city. Find yourself, family or friends feel the nature as you sit on […]

mamas choice refreshment parlor-sibonga

Are you Visiting from Mama Mary of Lindogon Sibonga Shrine? Going back to the city in a mid day? Is it hot day or a night to relax and chill? Come and stop by at Mamas Choice Refreshment Parlor. It […]

Simala the church in the South

simala church shrine in south cebu

When people talk about Simala, they almost refer to the “Simala the church in the South” – miraculous home and  shrine in barangay Simala of Mama Mary. Simala is a small  place and is only part of Sibonga town in […]