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Cebu Land Transport System Northbound and Southbound

The shape of Cebu as you can see in the map, is elongated, so there are two main land transport system if you go northbound or southbound. The capital city which is called Cebu City lies in the middle of the Cebu Island. Airport and seaports are situated in Cebu City as well. Though at early as 2000 there are small ports (but not airports) and wharfs built and scattered in strategic places in Cebu in order to cross to neighboring islands.

Cebu Land Transport System Northbound and Southbound

Cebu North Bus Terminal

Is a public transport wherein you can ride for all northbound vehicles. There are transports that travel up to northern most part of Cebu like Bogo, Hagnaya, Kawit. There are also transports most are mini buses that travel only up to the middle north part of Cebu like Danao, Carmen, Catmon and Sogod.

Cebu South Bus Terminal

If you’re going south you have to head on to South Bus Terminal. These are bound to southern most part of Cebu like Oslob, Santander. Same in the north, there are also that are bound mid south only like Carcar and Argao in southeast and Moalboal in southwest.

Ceres Bus Lines

Most dominant transport going north and south of Cebu is Ceres Bus Lines. They started occupying most part of Cebu in 2000 and now there are bunch of them going in and out of the City and providing public transport to almost all destination in Cebu provinces. They have a fair fare as they’ll be checked through tickets issued, so they can’t overcharge you even if you are new to the town. There are aircon there are also non-aircon and good thing for them is they’ll leave on time even if not full and in alternate interval.

Cebu Land Transport System Northbound and Southbound


Other land transports

There are also big buses going far north and south, to name few, Cebu Autobus, Rough Riders, Sunrays, Island Transport. Others which are also plenty of them are the mini buses which is operated by different person or organization. Most of the mini buses travel upto mid north or mid south only and there are mini buses that travel from northern most to mid north, like wise with the south.

V-Hires southward bound

There are also Van for Hire bound southwards of Cebu. Check out our article for alternative terminal going to Cebu South.

Within Cebu City

Simply grab a taxi or see also our post on Cebu Jeepney Number Codes and Routes


Private Cars

Free to roam around with your own car. Just do round south or round north and break-in your new car! 🙂

See also our article about seaports all around Cebu.

More Info about Cebu

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    Lofe Brown

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    nice!! I like this post, good to know. we will be in Cebu by December and we are staying in Moalboal. If there’ll be no shuttle to pickup as from the airport, I guess we will opt for aircon bus. Do you know if Ceres bus lines you say goes to Moalboal? Thx

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      Hi Lope, indeed, we have simple transport system here. Yes, there are, you can ask in the terminal which section is the waiting area for Ceres Buses that goes to Moalboal.

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