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diary Chillaxing experience at Vima Shore in Catmon

vima shore catmon

Vima was just Vima few years back not until recently, when we headed back north in April we saw Vima has change a lot, now got a big name Vima Shore and has a lot to offer for both locals and passers. A new levelled up chillaxing experience here in Vima Shore in Catmon. Not only you are refreshed with favorite foods and drinks, you are also refreshed by the sea breeze. Vima shore in Catmon has that concept of having local stores and vendors in a single spot by the seashore. You can sit by the chairs and tables while grabbing and munching delicious foods or you can have bare foot feel the fine sands or both! For us, the best part was the shore!

The front side

Vima shore is along the highway in Bagalnga Catmon (barangay Flores). In busy occasion specially in the afternoon when sun is not that hot, people flock to Vima Shore. You can easily spot this place as it has many vehicles parked along the road. There is also a big signage “Vima Shore”. In front, you can see nice small “little bamboo houses” stores. Not the typical vendor stalls. It is clean to look and added attraction to the place. This is also an opportunity for local business to put up and showcase their business here.

The shore

Did we mentioned the best part was the shore? Yes, for us who are fan of vitamin sea, the long “hunasan” at the back part is the best experience in Vima. If you want to see little sea creatures and things, the wide dried up part of the Vima shore will surely relax your busy day. Strolling barefoot in the sand is always a good relaxing method both spirit and mind. (Science have proven it and have and explanation).


Vima Shore is located already near the shore beside the national highway in Catmon. Few meters before you reach Catmon (proper if you are from the city.)

Sparkle don’t want to go

Hunasan is another “form” of a playground for children, even better! It needs special location, near the sea, not just that, it’s a formation of stones where tiny water bridges and formed. Seaweeds and creatures are there too sparkling curiosity for little children (and big too). There are lot of finds in “lapyahan sa dagat” if you have experienced one, it’s full of fun and surprises. It’s been hours already and time to move out, Sparkle is very amazed by the place and don’t want to go.

What else in Catmon?

Beaches and staycations are a lot booming in Catmon. If from the city, as you enter Catmon from Carmen, you can see a lot of beaches already. Check out below for our other blogs in Catmon or go here directly for beaches and destinations in Catmon.

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Bring back home goodies

Have you tasted already the “bibingka” in Catmon? It’s a must try. It is our pasalubong to colleagues when going back to the city. Where to get it? Check this article “Bibingkahan sa Catmon”.

Try also the unique taste of Torta in Catmon brought by Flora Special Torta. Meet them at A&G Square.


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