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Collated information about Corona Virus 19

What we don’t know and uncertainties causes us to panic. This article is a collated informational post about Corona Virus (Convid-19) which the world is facing currently. Reading articles anywhere causes confusion specially those articles that popup from nowhere in our feeds. Worst cases is reading headlines alone without reading and understanding the contents. (That’s scary thing to do!) This post attempt to collate information about the Corona Virus and what we should do to prevent spread or atleast slowdown this pandemic.

What is Corona Virus

This is updated video from World Health Organization (WHO) about the Corona Virus.

Corona virus Symptoms

-Breathing difficulties
-Runny nose
-Sore throat
-Feeling of being unwell

Early Signs of Covid-19 from Ministry of Health Singapore

Day 1-3
1. Symptoms similar to colds
2. Mild throat pains
3. No fever, not tired; still consume food and drink as normal

Day 4
1. Throat a little bit painful; body feels like drunk
2. Voice becoming hoarse
3. Body temperature around 36.5°
4. Beginning of disturbance in eating habits;
5.Mild headaches
6. Mild diarrhea

Day 5
1. Throat pain and hoarse voice
2. Mild body heat. Body temperature between 36.5°-36.7°
3. Weak body; feeling joint pains

Day 6
1. Beginning of mild fever with temperature around 37°
2. Dry cough
3. Throat pains while eating, swallowing food, or talking.
4. Exhausted and nauseous
5. Occasional difficulty in breathing
6. Fingers feeling pain
7. Diarrhea and vomitting

Day 7
1. Higher fever from 37.4°-37.8°
2. Coughing incessantly with phlegm
3. Body pains and headache
4. Worsening diarrhea
5. Vomitting

Day 8
1.Fever around 38° or above 38°
2. Breathing difficulties; heavy feeling in the chest when breathing
3. Incessant coughs
4. Headaches, joints becoming lame; buttocks pain.

Day 9
1. Symptoms remain unchanged but becoming worse
2. Worsening fever
3.Worsening cough
4. Difficulties in breathing and struggling hard to breathe
At this stage, blood tests and chest x-ray must be conducted immediately.

Note that body temperature varies from person to person, like age and sex, time of day, method of reading, etc. For body temperature guides, check it out from Medical News Today

This is for reference purposes only. At any point in time, if you do not feel well, consult a medical doctor immediately or contact DOH provided hotlines at the bottom of this post.

How is it transmitted

Covid-19 is spread from an infected person to another

– infected person is coughing and sneezing
– touching a surface with a virus then touching mouth, eyes and nose
– skin to skin contact

How to avoid the spread

Community Quarantine – we are now in the state of medical emergency, cooperate with the medical health officials directive.

“Social distancing” – keep a safe distance recommended 1 meter from one another specially if you cannot avoid going to crowded places like supermarkets to buy some foods or lining up in drugstores.

Stay at home – we can do a lot of things at home, take this opportunity to talk with the family members whom you haven’t spoken to during busy work days.

What you can do

– use of 70% alcohol when coming to home from outside
– change clothes as soon as you get home from outside
– frequent hand washing with soap
– take vitamin C with zinc recommended
– keep hydrated
– get enough rest

Testing Procedure for Corona Virus

If you’re interested to know how testing for convid-19, see this video from Doctor ASKY

Department of Health Ncov Tracker

DOH provides real time informational feed to public awareness. The site has just been updated and more information were added like hospitals where suspected Convid patients were admitted to, number of affected individuals, etc.


department of health convid tracker

COVID-19 24/7 Hotlines for Central Visayas

You may want to keep a copy of this handy contact into your phones.

covid-19 24_7 hotline

Convid-19 Terminologies

PUI – People Under Investigation – person with symptoms (in above) and have traveled to places where there is Convid. They have also close contact with person diagnosed with Convid. The probability is high but not immediately tag as positive.

PUM – People Under Monitoring – person without symptoms but have traveled to places where there is Convid. They need for home quarantine for 14days.

RITM – Research Institute for Tropical Medicine

LSI – Locally Stranded Individual

Convid-19 or Covid-19 or NCov – refers to the novel corona virus interchangeably used in this article.

Let’s fight the Corona Virus together

It’s not about taking good care of yourself only but taking good care of our neighbors as well!

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