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diary Dairy Box opens in Ibarra

diary box ibarra cebu

Dairy Box is a small store front by Lamac Cooperative products fresh harvest from their owned farm. They open a store where they can sell vegetables and several dairy goodies. In Dairy Box store end, you can get variety of flavored ice cream, honey sweetened drinks with concentrates of carabao’s milk. Aside from these, they also sell raw leafy vegetables and root crops.

That Chit-chat

We don’t normally tell that we blog stuffs, but this time, we’ve introduced ourselves. The attendant we’ve spoke also happens to be their speaker and organizer whenever there are cooperative, dairy foods exhibit and the like. From him, we’ve learned that this is just a store front. Their one of main business is supplying fresh farm products direct from the farm to supermarkets here in Cebu City! (And so more other info about their coop)

The Store

Small but well organized. Outside is a small parking space and upon entrance is the iconic big size carabao! Inside is the usual store arrangements.

Our favorite

Their creamy flavored ice cream out of processed carabao milk combined with honey is the best. My personal favorite is the chocobao – it’s choco with concentrated milk, it’s super!👍

diary box lamac cooperative

dairy box lamac cooperative

The location

It’s located near Parian fire station, also where you can see the Parian historic monument. Please check out places to visit in downtown area.


About Coks

Mae aka Coks, is an english teacher in one of prestigious schools in Cebu. Sidekick of Peps when travelling around Cebu. Our blog features all about the Queen of the South - Cebu!


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