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diary Delicious Torta Makers in Argao Cebu

Like any other towns or locality in the Philippines were there are specialty and delicacies, no doubt, Argao is the hometown where you can find the most delicious Torta, if not of entire Cebu but in the whole country. Have made a shortlist but we know there are other small makers as well that are made to order and/or for special occasions only.

Here are the list of Torta makers in Argao

Chitang’s Torta

Facebook: Chitang’s Torta
Phone: 4858095

OJ’s Torta

Facebook: OJ’s Torta
Phone: 3677572
Instagram: OJ’s Torta IG

Torta de Argao by Lola D

Website: Torta de Argao
Facebook: Torta de Argao by Lola D
Phone: (63) 923 858 2121

Jessie’s Torta

Facebook: Jessie’s Torta

Which one is the best?

While more or less the preparation, ingredients and process for making torta is similar, they differ in various aspect and various results. It is still with personal preference which one taste better than the other. Just try all of them. 🙂

Torta evolves over time like OJ’s Torta, they have like ube and chocolate variants. Chitang’s Torta on the other hand have other delicacies to offer than torta alone. While Torta by Lola D specializes on Torta plain and de Tuba but is also offering other pastries.

Other makers not mentioned?

Please write to us here so we can update the list or just comment below.


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Ag Molde aka Peps is a travel blogger featuring local destinations and foods here in Laruy-laruy sa Sugbo together with Coks (and some friends). A technopreneur at Tara lets!!


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