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diary Duko Duko Eatery of Catmon is also now in Argao

duko duko eatery argao cebu

The famous native chicken eatery in Catmon called Duko Duko Eatery is also open in Argao serving the southward bound folks for great tasting of native chicken (manok-bisaya). Duko Duko Eatery is located few meters away from Argao Poblacion. Duko Duko is originally a pride of Catmon which serves aside from native chicken, special pochero, dinuguan, lechon kawali and balbacua.

Location of Duko Duko in Argao

Coming from the south, after passing the Argao Poblacion, you’ll reach a bridge, few meters from there, you can spot on the left the Duko Duko Eatery.

What else nearby?

Argao is also a center of heritage structures. You can visit the St. Michael Church which is co-located in Argao Plaza and the Municipal Hall. Nice place to drop-by. If you’ve seen “Can’t Help Falling in Love” blockbuster movie starred by Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, it was actually shoot here.

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Duko Duko Eatery of Catmon is also now in Argao
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Don’t forget

To take home the super delicious torta de argao from Lola DI’s and other delicacies of Argao!



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