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Early morning spin in Taloot Wharf Argao

Taloot Wharf is operational wharf connecting boats bound to Loon Bohol and Argao Cebu. It is not big and not so busy wharf but is convenient if you’re just in Cebu South going to Loon and nearby places there. Taloot is slowly and slowly progressing overtime. First we just came here about 5 years ago is to eat sea foods on the floating restaurant which is still there today. There’s not much changes to it, just 2 or 3 more food stalls installed. Since Taloot is busy only on days and times when there are boats schedules, it’s perfect place to have a morning spin. The seaside breeze plus the green mangroves immiting oxygen is a big plus to breath it all in. 

Morning Dash

If you want to dash, this is perfect since it has about half kilometer straight road. Just that, if you are that jogger that endure for hours, you have to do more rounds back and forth.

taloot wharf argao cebu

Mangrove and sea-front views

Fronting the sea are mangroves and you can see relax your eyes far as the upland green trees and mountains. The views are perfect when you decide to stay a little more while after a vigorous morning spin.

taloot wharf argao cebu


If you forgot to bringing your own water, you can buy it in nearby food stalls. You can opt from water vending which is cheaper or choose a bottled one, probably you want a not so cold water right after the spin.

Floating Resto

During noon time, a floating resto is opened to serve sea foods, perfect views plus perfect foods.. Check out the floating sutukil cottage in Taloot.

That’s it for now! See yeah guys on our next posts. By the way, here is a link to jogging places within Cebu City should you be interested in.

What else nearby?

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