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Farm Fresh Eggs from Eggcelsior

Almost everyday, everyone consumes egg. In our case, since we are selling small home made delicacies, we are consuming several trays in day. Before Eggcelsior, we source eggs from different vendors, luckily, there is now Eggcelsior selling farm fresh eggs at very reasonable price and they’re just around the neighborhood. The first Eggcelsior store is in Taloot, Argao, just few minutes drive. In case the main store run out of eggs, rather the egg size that you’re needing, there is also branch nearby. Eggcelsior branches link is provide at the bottom.

About Eggcelsior

Dedicated to providing fresh farm and quality eggs to the Filipino people, Eggcelsior Poultry Farms Inc. aims to become the preferred egg brand in the Philippines. We ensure the efficient and safe sorting and handling of eggs with our modern state-of-the-art facilities in supporting the growing domestic market.

Several Egg Options and Prices

Cull Dressed Chicken







They have now around 30 branches and growing. The first and main is Taloot, Argao. See Eggcelsior brances across Cebu.

Reselling Business

Eggcelsior offers reselling. If one is interested with reselling egg business with them, You can apply via the reseller form found in their website.

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