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diary Farm Fresh Feast in Cebu Business Park

Farm Fresh Feast Cebu Business Park

Farm Fresh Feast in Cebu Business Park brings low price fresh fruits and vegetables to the people living in the heart of the city, situated in the middle of dense condominiums and surrounded with tall commercial buildings.

The location

Farm fresh is situated in Cebu Business Park near Ayala Mall, in front of Seda Hotel (formerly known as Marriott Hotel). Today, there are three vendors to choose from, though they sell similar items, there are few that varies. These fruits and vegetables were from the nearby Cebu mountain tops and brought every Monday morning here. They are open Monday to Friday around 6am to 8pm. On Friday’s they’re open only upto early afternoon and they’re close on weekends.

Farm Fresh Feast Cebu Business Park

Several varieties to choose from

There are really variety of vegetables like eggplant, radish,  ampalaya, sitaw, onions, garlic and many more. Their fruits ranges from watermellons, oranges, mangoes, banana, lemon and many more. There are root crops too like camote, ube, carrots, peanuts and many more. (I always say many more because I don’t know the names, haha or maybe just to lazy to enumerate).

Sa’n aabot ang biente mo?

This place becomes crowded during break times. Several people from different nearby companies go here for a snacks. They serve banana-cue, camote-cue, sweetcorn and many variety of “pikapika” foods to choose from.

It’s worth for a come back

Once a week, it become my vice to drop by and get my favorites, a kilo of peanuts, half kilo lemonsito and a dozen banana. This place is cool for me and relax for a while due to nice landscape. If you want to park, there are many available spots but it’s paid parking though.

More for your money

You get more for your money and you help these vendors too!



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