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diary Feels like olden days back in Guanzon Beach in Langtad Naga

Guanzon Beach in Langtad Naga

It’s another weekend to get out and see what’s something out there. This time were heading to Guanzon Beach in Langtad Naga. It is just few minutes away from Naga Boardwalk if you’re coming from the city. The signage can be seen along the highway on left side. Then from the eskina, you have to walk a bit. Inside is very spacious for parking, well.. that is just before the entrance. Guanzon is really a big property.

The Entrance

Before getting in, you have to talk with the reception and arranged for accommodation if you haven’t called for reservation earlier. Rooms and cottages ranges from 500 to 2500 at current.

Guanzon Beach in Langtad Naga

Inside Guanzon

What apparently comes in mind was an elementary grade days rooms arranged along sides and a big rectagular in the middle. We’ve heard this is where they do camp-fire as Guanzon has lot of services to offer. Read on below in Services.

Guanzon Beach in Langtad Naga

Guanzon Beach in Langtad Naga

Seaside View

Kinda second level of the place is the seaside view. I though boardwalk extension can be seen here but not, it’s the APO cement docks. You can have wide angle view from the seaside and even have to wall to get to the other side. Apparently there is no shoreline to stroll from. If you’re ready to take a dip, there are stairs on the seawall going down the sea floor.

Guanzon Beach in Langtad NagaGuanzon Beach in Langtad Naga

Guanzon Beach in Langtad Naga


Apparently, Guanzon is just not a plain beach, there also camp fires held here. They have big cottages for parties like birthdays, graduation parties and big events like wedding receptions. This is perfect for big and small gatherings.

Blu-Pool waterpark is coming up soon in 2019

The pool side is under-construction at the moment. From the picture we’ve taken, the waterpark make us definitely comeback soon.

Guanzon Beach in Langtad Naga

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