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diary Floating Sutukil Cottage in Taloot Argao

Floating Sutukil Cottage in Taloot Argao

There are many Sutukil scattered across Cebu and what this Sutukil in Taloot Argao stand out is the location of the cottage. You have to cross bamboo bridge for 10 minutes before reaching the floating cottage. Have a thrill while walking because if it’s windy or wavy, it sways.. hmm.. just a little. Enjoy the scenery while you’re on your way.


Sugba, Tuwa, Kilaw, typical menu you can have but there are several kind of fish you can choose from. There are also variety of shells, a squids and shrimps. It’s a fresh catch actually, fish are still in the sea. They just take a net to catch those are ready for cooking.

The name

Did we tell you yet the name of this Sutukil place in Taloot Seaside Park in Argao? It’s called Bien Mar Sutukil.

What else to do in Taloot Seaside Park

We used to jog here either early morning or in the afternoon. There is long straight road from highway to the park 200 meters or so, you can go back and forth for several rounds until you’re good. Check out our morning spin article.

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