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Garden of Bougainvilleas in Cebu

We saw in the feed that a Bougainvillea garden is about to open, so planned to drop by after our quick weekend in Bluepool Water Park as Sparkle wanted to take a dip this hot summer. We took off when the sun at its peak and waited few hours to move out. Next stop is the JDM Bougainvillea Paradise. Do you know where to find it? Hint, it’s here in southern Cebu!


Bougainvillea is a genus of thorny vines, bushes, and trees. It is native to eastern South America, found from Brazil, west to Peru, and south to southern Argentina. We saw bougainvillea anywhere around in town but doesn’t really have much impact. untill we saw Bougainvilleas across several hectares! This astonishing garden full of several kinds colors and varieties.

JDM Bougainvillea Paradise in Carcar

Yes, this Bougainvillea Garden is located in Perellos Carcar. As of writing, it is not yet officially opened but you can already visit the front view. Inside it is really the enormous and fully landscape garden and dozens of Bougainvillea varieties.

jdm bougainvillea paradise

jdm bougainvillea paradise


JDM Bougainvillea Paradise is located in Perrelos, Carcar. If you see Bougainvillea Market Place along the highway, just head on the small road beside it. Few meters you can see JDM Bougainvillea Paradise.

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