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Go out of town and hit the road

In recent study on 2012, 93% of those who go out of town and hit the road reported they feel happier after when they come back to work. More than 77% percent think their health improves after a vacation and 80 percent believe vacations and outdoor activities enjoyed while on vacation result in greater productivity, energy and focus!

“And then I realized adventures are the best way to Learn”

It is not a surprise

It is probably of no surprise that travelling away from drudgery of office work and even of daily routinary life can be a huge stress relief. Breaks doesn’t need to be that long that we have to wait for long weekends (like the breaks of Christmas and New Year of December 2018!) to reap the benefits of going out of town.

In a 2012 survey conducted by Expedia, 88 percent of participants stated they were able to leave stressors of work behind and relax in two days or less when they go out of town.

Escape from reality and back

Leaving our day to day life and environment distances us from stresses and problems, allowing us to take a step back and gain new perspective. This new perspective enables clearer and more objective thinking. If life seems especially stressful, or you feel stuck, frustrated or bored, travelling somewhere provides an opportunity to refresh the mind and come back with a new sense of motivation and inspiration.

Get a travel buddy

Enjoying close relationship is instrumental to our happiness and when we travel with others, friends, office colleagues or family..our shared experiences bring us closer together and build stronger bonds. What’s more, memories created can be shared and enjoyed for a lifetime.

Book your next travel

You can travel to many different places, inside or outside of your country. If you’re low on budget at the moment (it is not a hindrance why you should stay home or office), there are great scenery of nature or historic places across the next state or town!




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