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Gotta stop at Cafe Malaya

We’re on a short weekend vacation in Dalaguete and we are checking out. Coks is noisy of going to Cafe Malaya since we are already in the vicinity. She aims and excited to have a picture with Malaya! Oh, the famous vlogger!  Cafe Malaya is in the next town Alcoy, few kilometers from where we stayed. Ending the weekend with a coffee is great idea for me and in Cafe Malaya is a plus! 🙂 Though.. this afternoon Malaya is in the city and not available in her coffee shop, sorry Coks, maybe another stop some other time around.

Differentiated Coffee Taste

Cafe Malaya have it’s own kind of coffee and even a name/brand of it’s own. Yes, a special beans from the Dumaguete if I heard it right from the convo with the barista. So in the menu you got the taste of “Malaya” brand blends.

cafe malaya alcoy

Cozy and Stylish Inside

In the province, you seldom see coffee shops, however Cafe Malaya have it’s own unique setup and style. Tables are made of wood, simple yet elegant. Most of the wall designs inside have a bird. Not sure if it is from “Maya” a locally named kind of a bird or was a bird because it is a symbol if being “malaya” which means to fly and be free. Well.. we’ll know it next time. It was past high noon when we come, so inside is a perfect stop to cool down for awhile while grabbing light snacks, drinks and coffee!

Cafe Malaya in Alcoy

Cafe Malaya is easy to spot as it is located inside the new Alcoy Plaza, end most part of the town though. The place in general is growing with many stores flocking in. Spoke with one guy, Alcoy Plaza is in active development, more and more business establishment will be settling here soon.

Social Media Pages

Facebook Page : Cafe Malaya
Numbers: 0949 770 4887

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