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Heading to Santiago Camotes

We didn’t booked any place to stay when we plan to go here in Camotes. So when we jump off the boat, we proceed to talking with habal-habal drivers and try to arrange something like fare (as in, fair fare, ha!), good place to stay, etc. One driver mentioned it’s good to stay in Santiago. We’ll for us, sounds good, if we don’t like the place, we can hop in to another for the next day stay. Now.. heading to Santiago!

The Aizawa Beach Resort

We’ve finally arranged with kuya Jehil. We even arranged to rent his motorcycle for two days. We taught Santiago is just near but it actually takes 30 minutes from Consuelo. Upon arriving, we then started to look for good place to stay. Room rates are around php1500 to php2000. We then finally found this Aizawa Beach. It is owned by a Japanese person who happened to marry with a Filipina and so named after. You can contact them at 0905-5473686 and look for Joy Tampus. We’ll they’re new caretaker there might be changes in the future contact.

Heading to Santiago Camotes
aizawa beach newly renovated entrance to lobby

Heading to Santiago Camotes
Aisawa view fronting the ocean. Still the damage from typhoon Yolanda can be seen here

It is still early afternoon and sun is still up. We just put our bags and left lock in the room and ready to roam.

Lake Danao

First in the list is Lake Danao. We asked kuya Jehil how long will it take to Lake Danao from here in Santiago, he said, it will take around 1 hr normal speed. Whew, this looks like to be a long ride.

It’s already dark when we reached the place. We just took pictures and have dinner in this amazing place. We plan to come back here the following day and do some water rides!

Visit our full blog about Lake Danao.

Right the following day.. a morning walk in Santiago Bay

Getting off butt out of bed and taking a stroll in the breezy morning shore in Santiago. We’ll it’s not I think really early but people here are enjoying the sleep overnight and still not getting up. 🙂 This is long shoreline and this is the portion of the bay where people are concentrated. It wasn’t high tied that morning so only few people are taking a dip (not even us.. yet!).  There are stores in the bay where breakfast are served, good, as we don’t need to look around to get foods. Those tents are drink bars at night where everyone jams on music, eat a barbecue while getting self in and out of water. There are souvenirs sold as well.

It’s fun out here in Nene’s Grill and Drinks, Dread House Reggae Bar, then there’s Pito’s Grill. (Pito’s have several services, they have lodging also and arranging transports)

Ending the morning stroll in Santiago bay

Of course telling a story saying that “We’ve been here” 🙂

Santiago Bay Camotes


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