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diary How about getting paid for just walking?

getting paid for walking

Fun of walking or jogging? Do you wan’t to get paid for simple moving across the block or neighborhood? Sounds like scam? Who would give you few bucks for just walking? Well.. just like you thought, we’re skeptical at first about SweatCoin but the app is free so why not give it a try?

Get inspired, be more active

If you are already fun of walking and counting the steps, this app is best for that task. According to WHO (World Health Organization), the recommended steps is 10,000 a day. If you’re seeing the screen app that you’re close to the 10k figure.. keep moving and hit the mark! This app really inspires to move more and.. get sweatcoin points which can be exchanged to real items like Samsung TV, convert to cash or donate to non-profit organizations!

How does Sweatcoin works?

1. Download the Sweatcoin app
2. Go walking or jogging
3. Exchange coins for rewards

Earning Sweatcoins

There are 3 main ways to earn sweat coins.

1. Earn coins for walking
2. Earn daily rewards
3. Inviting friends rewards

Earn coins for walking

This is the main way to earn points with Sweatcoin. Best thing we like this app is that, just grab your phone, no clicking, no starting an app.. let the app run in the background, go outside and start walking, it automatically counts the step for you.

Earn daily rewards

Visit the app reward module, watch short ads from their partners, wait until it finishes. Longest one I’ve seen was just about 11 seconds, doesn’t take much of your time!

Inviting friends rewards

Sweatcoin also offers a referral program. For every friend you refer and when they register, you’ll get 5 sweatcoins. The more friends you refer, the better!

The best part, redeeming your sweat coins

There is a module inside the app where you can see how many points you need for which items. There is a “Marathon Offers” which you have to wait your sweat coins to accumulate to huge numbers, currently I see 20K sweatcoins for Samsung TV! There are also “Offers for the Day” which you can claim rewards when you reach a number but lesser than the Marathon figures, currently I see 10 sweatcoins for a 50% off sunglasses. Just visit the app, the offers differs from time to time.

Just get fit!

Anyway.. it is good practice to move, make it a habit, reach 10k! Just get fit with an app or without an app!

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Updates May 2022

SWEAT – the SweatCoins new cryptocurrency.

SweatCoins will launch a new cryptocurrency. You don’t have to download another app, you only need your current app and activate SWEAT. Read more about SWEAT cryto in our article “More Sweetness from SweatCoins.”



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