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diary Huna Huna Cliff Resort in Catmon

huna huna cliff resort catmon

A week long vacation been granted and it’s a good time to travel long way from south to north. This time, it’s a little bit different because, together with us is a few month old baby Sparkle. We can’t take that long ride straight without having a stop over every now and then. The sun already set and at this point, we have to make an overnight in Huna Huna Cliff Resort in Binongkalan, Catmon, Cebu.

Huna Huna Cliff Resort

Been passing-by many times to this place. The outer look by the national road isn’t that presentable with just a tarp printed outside, but alas! when we got inside, the place is so nice. We arrived at night, so don’t have much time to go around but even then, the surrounding dim lights provides silhouette to nice cliff pathways going to the rooms and suites.


Huna Huna Cliff Resort is located in norther part of Cebu in town of Catmon. They’re near the boundary of Carmen and Catmon.

The next morning..

Got a suite fronting the ocean, was awaken by the colorful new morning sun which is widely visible from the inside. Have to throw my butt out of the bed and start exploring.

huna huna cliff resort

huna huna cliff resort

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A little resto

They have a little restaurant serving Filipino, American, Oriental foods, the typical ones and specially bundled as free breakfast, nice! Surprisingly, there are also curries, an Indian foods in their menu. Price for the foods starts at 100 pesos.


We seldom explicitly says any recommendation, but Huna Huna Cliff Resort in Catmon is really a nice place and the price isn’t expensive.

Social Media

Website: Huna Huna Resort
Facebook: Huna Huna FB Page
Contact: 0917 371 9741

What’s more in Catmon?

Few kilometers more northward is KM 46, Recuerdo Beach Resort. You might also want to check out our archives for Catmon here.



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