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KM 46 – Ranola Beach Resort in Catmon

I remembered passing through this curvy street in Catmon 8 years ago, there’s not much about this place. It has only those trees with no houses nearby. Little by little, few more years after, we’ve started seeing vehicles parked inside. Later on, more and more vehicles parked even outside. KM 46 now have a name and it is also known as Ranola Beach Resort.

The Beach

The waters are clear and clean. Portions in the beach has a good sand bed but around half has rough slippery rocks like those you see in hunasan. One good attraction is the cottage extended few steps from the beach line. Go first and grab this cottage! 🙂

KM 46 - Ranola Beach Resort in Catmon

More improvements coming up

KM 46 has improved a little since 8 years (from this date of writing). The old nipa small cottages are still there but it didn’t got renovated. Newer cottages were build near the entrance around 2 or 3 at the moment. There are also two change room build at the upper side and the lower side.

Cliff for diving

When the tide is high, there are people go diving on the cliff side. There is though no diving boards, nor official signage for diving, so take precaution.

Fees and rates

There is now an entrance fee of php 20, cottages ranging from 200 – 400 and parking fee of around php 20.

Getting here

KM 46 is a road side beach resort. It can easily be seen when riding a bus. If you’re coming from the city, few more minutes after the new Catmon Parish Church, you will be approaching a very blind sloppy road, that’s the place.

What else nearby

If go you a bit further, you’ll be approaching the next town called Catmon Daan, Recuerdo Beach Resort is here and oh don’t forget to take home some bibingka in “Bibingkahan sa Catmon”. 🙂

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