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Korean Twist at Da Bang Cafe in Cebu City

Recently in May, another Korean Cape opened in Cebu City, they named it “Da Bang“. We’ve tried to google why the name and we’ve found actually a site by the name itself but it resides in SG. It says ”ย the most chic and rustic cafe serving Australian brunch and dessert with a Korean twist“. Nice name, hmm.. let’s head in.

Spotting Da Bang Cafe

When you spot this red and green, you are surely in front of da bang. It has a small front entrance like any other store (not like a super store entrance I mean ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Korean Twist at Da Bang Cafe in Cebu City
da bang store front


The Store Entrance and ground floor

The ground floor is where they take your orders. So you have the sales lady smiling at you (as if you order a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ well..) and Koreans really have a great choice of choosing a counter girl.. y’know what I mean ๐Ÿ˜‰

It has this cute puppy and not sure what is the relevance of this with the logo. Maybe.. just maybe because it has a lot of stuff toys when you get inside.

da bang puppy

da bang puppy

A Taste of Korea at Da Bang Cafe in Cebu City


The 2nd floor

It is not done yet as of the time of this post. It’s work-in progress but we were able to go up stairs as 3rd floor is ready for the customers. It’s almost ready.. toys are there already. Just tv sets and sound system is lacking.

A Taste of Korea at Da Bang Cafe in Cebu City


The 3rd Floor

3rd floor is ready and open to customers. We stayed in this floor waiting for the foods. While waiting, you can listen to your favorite k-pop music. You can also have a free access to wifi.. anything you can do at home and in your “sala” except that you can’t shout. Why? Looks like this place is going to be a haven for the studs.. sshhhh! Someone is studying (as if studying.. really, huh? or doing a facebook for hours and hours).

da bang 3rd floor

Here comes the foods

I only know chicken.. others are spoon and fork. haha! This gonna be a bountiful meal, a taste of Korean dish at not so expensive price. By the way the cost ranges from 85-200 per menu so we got a bill of less than 500.

da bang 3rd floor

There are variety though of the foods and drinks listed in order taking area in ground floor. There’s no book menu yet at the moment, so we can use a finger to point at the menu or ask the attendant.


Some Extras

Can’t resist the Ramen.. Eat like Naruto.. Yummm!

da bang 3rd floor

Oh, the location?

The location is downtown. If you’re familiar with Gaisano Main, or University of the Visayas or the new Super Metro in Colon.. that near to it. It is beside the Business Hotel in Junquera Street.

Nearby is Oppah Kape just beside the Palm Grass Hotel. See also our old post about Pizza Hut near this area.

Here’s their Facebook Page.

That’s it for now.. see you in our next posts. Don’t forget to make a comment and visit our facebook page.


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    pareho ramn ni sa Oppah ug sa Gentleman caffe..

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    ari mo pabugnaw sa inyong utok, hahaha

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    i recommend this cafe <3

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      indeed it is @Kosher. They have newer great variants added in the menu every now and then ๐Ÿ™‚

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