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Lantaw Native Restaurant in SRP

There were already three Lantaw chain (as of this writing), one and first I think is Lantaw in Cordova, Lapu-Lapu, the other one is in Busay and this one, the latest, is in South Reclamation Project – SRP. We got into this place when it was very new and their seafront is under development. Lantaw Native Restaurant is great place for dining with stunning ocean view. This might be the Lantaw’s strategy as it can be observed with other first two chains, view and dine by the bay or mountain view.

The front area

Native bamboo themed walls, Lantaw’s front where one can take a picture for souvenir, lol! Of course for bloggers like us, it tells that we were here.

Looking for new place to try

It was a stressful week and we’ve decided to look for a place wherein we can enjoy food and at same time a relaxing place. After thinking of some place, it pops.. why not try Lantaw Restaurant in SRP? That looks cool and fronting the sea. So we went here for lunch, to be early so we can have plenty of time to converse, enjoy the food and most.. enjoy the place.


Tables fronting ocean are exceptional. Take a fresh breeze from the ocean while enjoying hot soup and seafoods. As to the food price, we could say that price for orders you take are reasonable given that the place and food is great!



Lantaw Native Restaurant at SRP

Lantaw Native Restaurant is located in South Road Properties. It is across the newly constructed Il Corso lifestyle mall. They are near to SM seaside.

What else nearby?

Take a walk walk in Il Corso or jog in the coastal road near it. Of course you can do it during early morning or in the afternoon when it’s no longer hot. Go for grocery in SM seaside or take another great view from the mountain wing side.

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