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Let me pass – A quarantine period anecdote

There’s nothing more special document you can have right now in your hands, not a diploma nor a doctorate certificate.. just a QP, quarantine pass! In every household there could be one (some, two) who can have it and if you’re the lucky one nominated to go outside – so be it!

So.. it’s my first time to go outside after days of the enhance community quarantine buying bulk food and supplies in the neighboring town. It’s not really ghost town they say. There are occasional food delivery vehicles, there are free rides for frontliners going to the city from the town 60 kilometers away, you can still see people moving around in the vicinity of their homes and there are people just like you – buying foods for the household.

Let me pass

As announced and as expected, there are main checkpoints in the boarder of each town in the national highways. There are minor checkpoints in small crossroads going to the villages and to the barangays. They’ll be asking where you’re going and what you’ll be doing there, then they’ll ask to show your QP.¬†Just observe no backriding for motorcycles. Make sure you have proper gears, helmet and shoes, facemask of course – no further questions asked but surely you’ll be invited to have a quick stop.

You don’t need to be “hot”

With curfews, you’ll have to move within the non-curfew hours. In my case it was past 10 am that I’ve moved, no night movers (which I used to), stores will be closing as early as 5pm, even convenience stores like seven eleven which operates 24hrs is only open until 9pm.

Upon entering supermarkets or banks or establishments, your temperature is scanned. You can enter the premises if your temperature is not more than 37 degrees. It’s understandable because you were moving and the sun is in it’s peak but they still won’t let you in. I got 40 degrees! So keep yourself under the shade and try again in few minutes. Upon entry, disinfectant will be sprayed to your hands. Note that some establishments asked for ID and check if it match with the name in the QP.

Unusual feeling

Specially if you wake up juggling, catching jeepneys so you won’t be late, bumping shoulders in busy crowded streets.. we’ll that’s not the case.. and it depends upon the kind of person you are, you might be afraid or you might enjoy, notice and appreciate more the street landscapes!

Helpful tips outside

– General rule, keep your cool and maintain 1 meter apart
– Be courteous with checkpoint officers, as they are to you
– Wear clothes that can cover your hair/head and arms
– Bring with you your own small sprayer/disinfectant
– Don’t touch anything unless you are ready to finally pick it up (touch move)
– Have a list so you can have everything needed and don’t need to go outside unnecessarily
– Stock up some foods that will last for days or so if possible (but avoid foods with lots of sodium)

When back home

– Spray top and bottom of shoes and leave outside
– Change clothes immediately
– If possible, take a bath otherwise just wash hands and uncovered parts thoroughly


Be a hero, just stay home! 


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